Alfa AWUS036NHR V2 vs Alfa AWUS036NHV

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking Cards' started by nima ghelici, 14 Feb 2016.

  1. nima ghelici

    nima ghelici Member

    25 Jul 2015
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    Hello friends
    I want to buy one of these models, but most of the recipients rang I want to know what is
    Thank you
  2. kevsamiga

    kevsamiga Well-Known Member

    15 Sep 2013
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    036NHR v2 is claimed 2000mw output.
    036NHV is claimed 1500mw output.

    Owning both, I can tell you that the 036NHV is the better adapter all round. And it's less prone to burnout/breakage.
    It's a newer chipset, yet the sensitivity figures for both adapters are roughly equal.

    The modern drivers for the 036NHR v2 don't work too well with it, so you are stuck
    with drivers from 2011 (Which excludes > Win 7 use properly as the TX output and SS and LQ bars are all messed up for the NHR v2)

    Neither one of these stronger TX adapters will run on a lengthy 15m active USB extension without some kind of powered hub plugged in at the end, whereas the 036NHA, 036NH and 036H will without needing an additional power feed.

    However both are really only of use in Windows as Linux support is spotty at best.

    Also for the 036NHV I wouldn't recommend using any drivers higher than 1027.2...

    ...they be broke, signal strength readings messed up (and full signal and full link quality fake indicated always 100% on 1030.xx drivers +).
  3. tinti

    tinti Active Member

    13 Jul 2014
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    Alfa AWUS036NHR V2 txpower 20dBm (036NHR v2 is claimed 2000mw output...!?)
    Screenshot from 2016-11-24 09-39-24.png .
  4. AntiHeld889

    AntiHeld889 Member

    1 Dec 2016
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    Hello, I am looking for a wireless network card with which I under Windows 7 also the transmission power can regulate. Which card and what driver would you recommend me?

    Sorry for my bad english.

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