All Rounder Required: Mountain Lion 64 bit + Linux Packet Injection Card

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking Cards' started by meknb, 18 Aug 2012.

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    Can anyone recommend a hi-gain usb wifi card That work's well with osx 64bit and linux.At the moment i'm using a rtl8187L but have to drop to 32bit kernel in lion to use it. Im looking for one that is 64bit supported in osx upgrade to mountain lion and in linux for injection ect.
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    Two that come to mind are the:

    Login or Signup to view links / downloads 800mW (no mac drivers yet, but in time one can hope)
    Login or Signup to view links / downloads (Login or Signup to view links / downloads) 2000mW

    There is no magical wonder card and finding them is few and far between. I find that overall Ralink has the best Mac drivers and has the best utility compared to Realtek. But Realtek performs really well in Linux.

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    Unfortunately, unless you have changed your Mac configuration from factory settings to boot into 32-bit kernel, many cards will be incompatible.

    Here are a list of Atheros cards and compatible Windows drivers list, I will try to look for a mac list:
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