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    So I am having a little trouble with being able to manage my workload here and would like some assistance. I will select a moderator based on the following criteria. Please tag someone who you think qualifies or would be a great mod. Start a conversation with Mr. Penguin to apply and I will review your application. Please address each selection criteria.

    Note you must get at least 50% (a pass) in each section:

    1) Able to adhere and enforce the forum rules and moderate the site (Weighting 20%)
    We have a number of rules and you have to lead by example. I will be updating these to ensure that we have no warez stuff. You will need to move threads into appropriate places, rename titles, give members warnings and ban people for instance.

    2) Dedication & Enthusiasm (Weighting 25%)
    Someone who really likes being here and would like to be a moderator. Logs in regularly, sociable and have been with us for at least 6 months.

    3) Helpfulness (Weighting 25%)
    You have to like helping people and be willing to do so. You have to be fair, impartial and not abuse your power as a moderator.

    4) Able to keep calm (Weighting 15%)
    In this role people will annoy you. Breaking forum rules, getting off-topic. How you go about managing your anger is important. Remember there are language barriers. Try to be professional with dealing with our members. You should be friendly and sociable.

    5) XFactor (Weighting 15%)
    What can you bring to the table that is unique. Specialist knowledge. Being a previous moderator on another site, education, interests etc. Please tell us what your XFactor is.

    The benefits are that you get to learn how the XenForo Forum software works and how to moderate a popular website. In the past our moderators have received sample products from ALFA and they will be first inline to get devices to test.
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