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    Here is the latest list of compatible hardware for Beini. Not including Beini 1.2.4 and 1.2.5, for that, I suggest you look at the changelog below and the full changelog.

    2012-05-15 Beini 1.2.5
    Built from Beini 1.2.2

    • Updated Firmware.tcz
    • Updated RTL8187L driver
    • Added BCM43XX-3.0.21.tcz driver
    • Updated compat wireless 2012-04-23
    • Updated minidwep-gtk-30419.tcz (thanks to djyuzi, XiaopanOS and
    • Added reaver-r113.tcz
    • Added support for Realtek 8712, 8188, 8191SU,8188C, 8192C, 8192D
    • Upgraded feedingbottle to 3.2.3
    • Upgraded Xorg to 7.6
    • Added Inflator (Reaver GUI)
    • Upgraded WPA_supplicant.tcz

    • Users of RTL8188RU devices should not use this build unless they blacklist conflicting drivers at boot. Please use Beini 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 | Reaver Edition instead.
    • Minidwep must be launched from the RootShell. Type minidwep-gtk (enter) to launch it.
    • This will be the final version. Development ceases with 1.2.5. Use XiaopanOS from now on.

    2012-04-22 Beini 1.2.4
    Built from Beini 1.2.3

    • Added Reaver: Command line application to brute force hack WPS encrypted WPA / WPA2 pins.

    2011-08-14 Beini-1.2.3
    • Updated FeedingBottle to 3.2.1: fixed the bug that can not run the program using right click menu on desktop.
    • Added "x_rtl8188ru_20110812.tce", include Realtek8188RU's drivers and firmware, support Realtek8188RU.
    • Deleted "x_ath9k_htc_compat-wireless-2.6.38-rc4-1.tce" and "firmware.tcz"

    This version build for Realtek8188RU chipset especially, non-users of these chips are not recommended. When no client, please use "Fake Auth(by force)", not common "Fake Auth(-1)".

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    Would like to run reaver with os that supports Realtek chipset 8192su, the latest Xiaopan does not work with this chipset. help
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    I think the 8192su is the worst for run any pentest os, it not work fine with injecction. I recommend you try with another card...

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