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  1. AnJO-NOcTuRnO

    AnJO-NOcTuRnO Active Member

    28 Aug 2014
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    pelayo said:
    I'll be great to include it in a graphical environment like inflator or minidwep​

    i also agree

  2. xiaopantwolegsonly

    xiaopantwolegsonly Active Member

    10 May 2013
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    how to install bully.tzc
  3. Paresh Kalinani

    20 Aug 2016
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    I tried both, the only difference between Bully and Reaver I saw was that Reaver was going in ascending order for generating the pins and Bully always got a random pin.
    If a pin is tested with first half as 0231 and we get a NACK after M4, in reaver, the next pin's first half is 0232. But in bully it just loads random pins. Once it gets M5, bully may try the same first half as it's correct and then again load random pins for second half. In case of reaver, the first half is same and for the second half it again takes the serial order approach.

    So, it actually depends on your luck.
    If the AP has a WPS Pin that bully gets early while guessing randomly, Bully is better for you.
    If the AP has a WPS Pin that is low, for eg. if first half is 1233 or any number preferably lower than 3000, Reaver might work better for you because Bully would take random guesses even above the range of 4000 which are useless. But Reaver is sure to get it to 3000 within 3000 tries.
    Same goes for the second half of the pin.

    *I'm no expert in these things* *Just shared what I understood*
  4. meknb

    meknb Mod
    Moderator Dev Team VIP

    2 Jun 2012
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    With bully you can just use -S, --sequential if you don't want random pins.
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