CHFIv8 Instructors Slides {PPTx} {Torrent}{MediaFire}

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    Module 01 Computer Forensics in Today's World
    Module 02 Computer Forensics Investigation Process
    Module 03 Searching and Seizing Computers
    Module 04 Digital Evidence
    Module 05 First Responder Procedures
    Module 06 Computer Forensics Lab
    Module 07 Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems
    Module 08 Windows Forensics
    Module 09 Data Acquisition and Duplication
    Module 10 Recovering Deleted Files and Deleted Partitions
    Module 11 Forensics Investigation Using AccessData FTK
    Module 12 Forensics Investigation Using EnCase
    Module 13 Steganography and Image File Forensics
    Module 14 Application Password Crackers
    Module 15 Log Capturing and Event Correlation
    Module 16 Network Forensics, Investigating Logs and Investigating Network Traffic
    Module 17 Investigating Wireless Attacks
    Module 18 Investigating Web Attacks
    Module 19 Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
    Module 20 Mobile Forensics
    Module 21 Investigative Reports
    Module 22 Becoming an Expert Witness

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    If u cant download...u can grab them from Dropbox.

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    Can you post link download manual labs book?
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    Hi ! do you have the labs?? could you send me the links please?
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