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    Be sure to read these rules, failure to comply will result temporary or permanent users and IP address bans.

    Multiplier Warnings
    Multiplier warnings is to ensure they get penalised for doing something wrong twice or more. So first warning is 1, second is 2, third is 4, forth is 16 and so on.

    Drafted Rules
    1. Post nothing too illegal or dangerous, like bomb making tutorials or how to hurt a guy (8 warning points)
    2. Do not use a disposable email address (no warning, life ban)
    2. No porn or indecent profile pics (8 warning points)
    3. Users must not post personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses (7 warning points)
    4. Please use the English language (1 warning point, multiplied x2 each time for subsequent warnings),unless it is a private chat between two people
    5. Try to use correct spelling and punctuation. Don't be lazy. (1 warning point, multiplied x2 each time for subsequent warnings)
    6. No racism, fighting or threatening users. (10 warning points)
    7. No spamming, you can write an article about your goods and services but be detailed and make sure it relates to the content of Xiaopan Forums (5 warning points)
    8. Keep things on topic. E.g. talking about a new intel device and someone starts talking about smurfs, that is an example of being off topic :). We allow it up to a point if it is somewhat related. Off topic is allowed in the introduce yourself thread and our ShoutBox (1 warning point)
    9. Keep double posts at a minimum (1 warning point)
    10. Sharing of accounts, particularly premium memberships (life ban)
    11. Do not ask how to hack neighbours wifi or to hack for malicious purposes (4 warning points)
    12. Do not harass members via instant messenger for help or downloads (5 warning points)

    Other Information
    • Members who accumulate 8 warning points at any given time will be banned for 14 days.
    • Members who accumulate 10 warning points will be banned for 28 days.
    • Warning posts are deleted 2 months after they are incurred.
    • Members who have been banned twice will incur a life and IP ban to their account/s.
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