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    This is the Hacking-Lab LiveCD project. The LiveCD is a standardized client environment for solving the Hacking-Lab wargame challenges from remote. The LiveCD includes a nice to use OpenVPN GUI tool for setting up the VPN connection, tools for penetration testers and forensic investigators to solve the provided challenges. A valid OpenVPN connection is required for accessing the Hacking-Lab vulnerable server infrastructure.

    The public portal on www.hacking-lab.com is not VPN protected. This page is the event management part of Hacking-Lab including user-, case-, group-, event- and solution management.

    Download LiveCD
    Get the latest LiveCD (ISO image or VirtualBox appliance (OVA)) from here http://media.hacking-lab.com/largefiles/livecd/


    Recommended: Use VirtualBox Appliance LiveCD!!!
    Watch this [​IMG]Video and learn how to import the LiveCD VirtualBox OVA Appliance into your VirtualBox software. If you have vmware or backtrack, please checkout the other videos in the tutorial section!

    VPN Configuration for other clients (e.g. backtrack)

    The use of the Hacking-Lab LiveCD is not mandatory! Use your own computer with OpenVPN.

    Download our OpenVPN configuration ZIP file from here:
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