Hello everybody! IT specs looking for friends...

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For how long have you been using linux?

  1. More than 15 years

  2. More than 10 years

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  3. More than 5 years

  4. 3-5 years

  5. Beginner (1-2 year)

  6. Beginner (less than a year)

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  7. Never yet, but would like to

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  8. Never and will not

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  1. Den Ivanov

    Den Ivanov Active Member

    24 Jan 2013
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    Hi everybody. I am IT specialist from Russia. Working with opensource software & linux for more than 5 years. I have a degree in IT management and another on in Business Administration. I've knowledged coder, using mostly web languages (PHP, JS, HTML/CSS) but also casual ones (C/etc, Python, Perl, Java a bit, and others).

    Aa little bit sort of Linux Gamer. And a vegetarian, too, BTW.

    Also I love electric cars and greenish style of life. I don't believe in any religion but I believe in people, science and open-mindness. Opensource everything will help to fastly improve any type of things. And, also, I love languages. I don't know much, a sort of little messy Italian, Spanish (and forks xD), Deutsch. Of course, my native langs are Russian and lil bit Eng.

    My hobbies include building my own electric car, working on soldering my 3D printer, writing scripts to automate some tasks (I've got wide profiles on pastebin and also on commandlinefu websites). Sometimes I am also working on creating 3D objects, levels for games, or any other PC-related kind of work. And of course my hobbies include testing the networks stability, security (Wireless/WiFi, NFC, other fun metasploit and hacking staff). Forgot to mension that I am searching for girlfriend who uses or learns opensource software or any of my writing stuff.

    If somebody wanna have a nice chat on IRC or ICQ, please, contact me (ICQ 123 942 948, also email should be in my profile).

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