How do i get fluxion page to work with wifiphisher ?

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    It's the fluxion en generic page
    I tried to copy it to wifiphisher pages folder then it worked ... but the page looks a bit buggy and the password doesn't get caught!

    "Logging credentials
    In order for wifiphisher to know which credentials to log, the values of the 'name' HTML attributes need to be prefixed with the 'wfphshr' string. During POST requests, wifiphisher will log all variables that are prefixed with this string.

    Here's a snippet from a template (index.html):

    In this example, 'victim_name' and 'ISP' variables come from config.ini, while 'target_ap_vendor' variable is from the beacon frames. Both "wphshr-username" and "wphshr-password" will be logged."

    although i have tried what's mentioned above from the wiki still the post request is sent by key1 name i have tried to edit it in main.js and index.html nothing changed ...
    you can give it a shot and see if you can work it out ...
    and i think if the handshake parameter wasn't used the check.php should be replaced to final.html but i don't know what to change if the parameter is used as the script may be able to check the password but the page wouldn't be able to know if it's wrong to show error.html or it's correct to show final.html

    Here is the latest one of the frimware upgrade page from wifiphisher

    I have looked into the page and found that the compatible string
    Is wfphshr-wpa-password and not wphshr

    Looks like they haven't updated their wiki since a long ago

    even if it catches it how do i get the script to tell the page the password was wrong or correct so it shows error or final page ?

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