How to add stuff to Xiaopan?

Discussion in 'Xiaopan OS' started by TheOoKiller, 24 Jan 2016.

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    23 Jan 2016
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    I have just downloaded two(2) add-ons to Xiaopan OS : Aircrack and Reaver from the Downloads page.

    But I dunno how to add it to Xiaopan help?
    Im using VmWare
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    You can use a pen drive and add it to the devices in in virtual box.

    Or the best way is to install xiaopan to your vm image

    Or this way pick device sda "that's the virtual box drive" rather than sdb

    That way you can install a browser download them ,and the whole os is read writeable, you will have to remove reaver etc from your onboot.lst

    If you install the latest xiaopan just go to apps then maintenance onboot and remove them.

    Otherwise it's a pain in the arse editing the iso etc.
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