How to recover Hotmail hacked account

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    While using Hotmail account for communication often users have login problem. It is sometimes due to other factors but at times it is even due to hacking. If anybody hacks your account and further changes its password, then you can’t access the account using the same details. In that case there is no other way to recover your account the only way is to seek help from the support team who will recover the Hotmail hacked account only after verifying that the account actually belongs to you.

    Hacking is a process in which anybody’s personal data is stolen secretly. There are many hackers who tend to wait to hack the account so that they can get access of the financial data of your account. Once they have access of the data of your account they can easily misuse it. It is state as cyber crime which is punishable by law. The most dangerous impact of hacking is that you may have problem while accessing it and most of the time. Most of the users suffer Hotmail login problem when hacker resets the password. As soon as you realize that your account has been hacked you should take steps to change your password for preventing hacker from further misusing the data.

    What you can do when Hotmail hacked account does’t recover.
    • Whenever you have the problem that the account has been hacked, then you must check few things to check for confirming it. If you find some sort of inactivity in your account or something suspicious then you should understand that your account has been hacked.
    • You should immediately change your password when you have Hotmail hacked account. As soon as you change your password, then the hacker will lose access of your account. You have to reset the password. Because once hacker changes the password then you have to go for recovery back the password.
    • You will not be able to even log in in your own account if the hacker changes the password in that situation you have to go for Hotmail Account Recovery . Whenever you suffer the problem that the password has been changed by the hacker then you should contact the support team. Here executives will guide you through step by step procedure for recovering your account.
    • The executives will ask you different questions for confirming the place of hacking. It is important that the place is know so that it doesn’t happen again.
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