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    You know what- I forgot the Yahoo password. Until then, everything was just running fine. Trust me, I had no issue with the account in particular. It so happened that I failed to recall the login password.

    What did I Do?
    The first question I asked was – How to recover the yahoo password?
    To cut a long story short, I tried my best to regain the access to my account. Of course, recovery was not that difficult. From what I came across going through the various Yahoo community forums, the best option in such a scenario was to reset the password.
    To those who are unfamiliar with the recovery process, it might seem complicated. But that’s not the case. On the contrary, the process is very well defined and does not require you to have any technical knowledge.
    All you have to do is to follow the process and you are done. By the time, it is over, you will have the access to your Yahoo mail account.
    As far as recovering a forgotten Yahoo password is concerned, there is no need to panic.

    How I reset or recover the forgotten Yahoo password?
    When it came to resetting or recover the yahoo account, I found three options.
    1. Sign-in email address or phone number
    2. Through Yahoo Recovery Email Address
    3. Using Recovery Phone number
    Amongst the three options, I chose to reset the password using my phone number. I know, it is not possible for everyone to have their phone number linked to the account. In such a scenario, they can use the Yahoo mail address or any other alternate email id to proceed further.
    The process almost remains the same. What you have to do is to follow the on-screen instructions.
    Coming back to the question of resetting the password using your registered phone number, this is what you have to do( or what I did) :

    Here is Your Step Guide:
    • Access the Yahoo recovery page by clicking on the link:
    • Enter your phone number in the search box and click Continue.
    • Here you are required to confirm that you want to receive text messages on your phone number. Now click Next.
    • You are then required to enter the verification code that is sent to your phone number.
    • All it takes is 5 simple steps and it’s over. There is nothing much you have to do. It was the same for me as well.
    • Next time something like how to reset the Yahoo password comes up, you will what needs to be done.
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