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    The Khula procedure in Pakistan is a process by which a woman can obtain a divorce from her husband. If you want to get the Khula in Pakistan then here you need to follow the Khula Pakistani law and Khula Pakistan Family Law. The process is initiated by the woman, who must first obtain a divorce decree from a court. Once the decree is obtained, the woman must then serve her husband with divorce papers. The husband has the option to contest the divorce, but if he does not, the divorce will be granted. The procedure for obtaining a divorce in Pakistan is known as "khula." A woman seeking a divorce must first obtain a divorce certificate from a court. She then must submit this certificate to the local union council, which will issue a divorce decree. The woman must then take the decree to the local police station, where it will be registered. Once the divorce is registered, it is final. Visit Our Site For More Details. Thanks.

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