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    A complete guide and reference to five major Linux distributions

    Linux continues to grow in popularity worldwide as a low-cost, reliable operating system for enterprise use. Nine minibooks in this guide cover everything administrators need to know about the five leading versions: Ubuntu, Fedora Core, OpenSUSE, Mint, and Mandriva.
    The companion DVD includes full Ubuntu installations and ISO images for the other four, saving hours of downloading time.

    Open the book and find:
    • Help navigating the GNOME┬« and KDE┬« desktops
    • Linux troubleshooting tips
    • How to set up a LAN
    • Secrets of using Linux to send instant messages and e-mail
    • System administration basics
    • Advice on securing Linux
    • How to run mail, news, and FTP servers
    • All about shell scripting
    • Bonus DVD Includes

    ISO image files for five major Linux distributions you can try: Ubuntu Desktop, OpenSUSE, Mint 8, Fedora 12, and Mandriva Linux 2010, Complete instructions for installing and using each distribution.

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    gonna read this...............wait a minute i hate books
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    books have words... i hate reading to crackerzwave but you can make it read itself to you with the text to speech thats what i do
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