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    Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is an alternative to Linux Mint (the project had always based on Ubuntu Linux) created by a batch base Debian testing. A key feature of the distribution is represented by a constant cycle of renewal packet basis (model of continuous updates, Rolling-release), in which the update packages out continually, and the user at any time has the ability to upgrade to the latest versions of programs.
    LMDE is the epitome of plans on giving greater autonomy to Linux Mint, make the system more versatile product, and reduce dependence on trends in Ubuntu.

    The distribution is designed as a LiveCD, and is equipped with the new installer written from scratch specifically for LMDE. The package includes the original project (update manager, configurators, the menu interface, GUI-application system), as a desktop environment uses XFCE.


    The standard assembly includes a complete set of the distribution of multimedia codecs and proprietary software such as Java, RAR, Real Player, Flash, as well as the proprietary drivers for video cards, win-modems and wifi-card.

    • Archiver correctly displays the Cyrillic alphabet in zip-archives
    • Samba understands Cyrillic names of the computers in the network
    • Libreoffice default to save files in the doc and xls

    To ensure compatibility with non-PAE CPU, 32-bit version of Linux Mint Debian come with a 486 kernel by default. This kernel does not support SMP, and therefore can detect only one nucleus and one processor. In this assembly installed 686 kernel.

    • Improved configure keyboard layouts during installation
    • Tuned parking the hard drive heads
    • Disabled the password prompt when you turn off
    • Packages that are installed as dependencies are marked as automatically installed, that is, removing unnecessary package can be tracked and remove packages, depending on how it established

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    Integrated Update | June 2012
    • Audacity - audio editor
    • Audacious - audio player
    • Avidemux - video converter
    • Blueman - manager, bluetooth
    • Disk manager - an application to configure the mount partitions
    • Dosbox - a program to run a DOS-application
    • DVDisaster - utility to read data from damaged media
    • Easytag - Tag editor-in audio files
    • Eiskaltdcpp - Client DC + +
    • Emerald - a beautiful window decorator
    • Firefox - web browser
    • Fortunes-ru - Russian citations in the terminal
    • Gdebi - tool to install deb-packages
    • Gespeaker - an application that allows the system to speak and read a written text or
    • Gimp - bitmap graphics editor
    • Gnome-ppp - application to work with the modem (dialer)
    • Gnome-schedule - task scheduler
    • Google-chrome - web browser
    • Gparted - a tool for working with disk partitions
    • Gpicview - image viewer
    • Gtk-recordmydesktop - a tool for recording video from your screen
    • Guvcview - utility to work with a web-camera
    • Imagination - a program that allows you to create slideshows from photos
    • Inkscape - vector graphics editor
    • Isomaster - editor of the ISO-images
    • Mc - console file manager
    • Medit - functional text editor
    • Mintconstructor - utility to create an assembly on the basis linuxmint
    • Pidgin - instant messaging client
    • Pitivi - a non-linear video editor
    • Remmina - remote desktop client
    • Screenlets - screenlet on your desktop
    • Skype - an application to carry out regular and video calls over the Internet
    • Soundconverter - universal audio converter
    • Stardict - multilingual dictionary
    • Startupmanager - Boot Manager
    • System-config-samba - a tool for sharing settings on the network
    • Testdisk - disk check utility and data recovery
    • Thunderbird - mail client
    • UNetbootin - a utility to create a Live USB system from ISO-image
    • Virtualbox - Virtual Machine
    • VLC - video player
    • Wammu - application for managing cell phones
    • Wine - a program to run the application MS Windows
    • Xrdp - support for Desktop Connection for LinuxMint rdp
    • Xsane - utility to work with the scanner
    • Yagf - a program for recognition of text from graphics files or from a scanner
    • Xsane - utility to work with the scanner

    Other Details
    Latest version: 06/26/2012
    Architecture: i686
    Type of drive: DVD

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