List of Newly Discovered Pentest Distros

Discussion in 'Linux Based Operating Systems & Virtual Machines' started by russell, 6 Nov 2012.

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    9 Aug 2012
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    Vast v3.0 has a VM image available but only boot .iso for new v3.1
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    HackShark is one i just ran across new to me
    HackShark is an international open source community for computer hackers. Being a non profit community organization, every members of HackShark are volunteers. Not well known outside of its field, but having five regions all over the world, HackShark is now a popular community among computer hackers. HackShark Linux is a non-profit and voluntary project by hackshark and sponsored by Securilense Forensics. This project comes out with a linux distribution specialized for law enforcement organizations and crime investigators.
    Why it is different

    Today, there are lots of Linux based operating systems are available in internet. Mostly open source, various flavored, almost same applications and somewhat same behaviour. Some of them also provides live usability without installation.

    HackShark Linux is kind of seperate from these linux distributions. HackShark Linux is the one of a few Pen-Test category linux distributions. HackShark Linux is a combination of crime investigation tools, analysis tools and monitoring tools, specially developed for crime investigators and law enforcement organizations. Developed and compiled by hackers. It provides live usability as well as installable feature. Install it in your hard drive and/or continue using installation. Free forever!

    Use as per your choice

    Use HackShark Linux as per your choice, as you wish. Customize the icon theme with your favorite flavor. Try variuos theme packages, including GTK2 and GTK3 themes. Customize any theme as you wish for. Decorate your desktop with even flavored cursor themes. If you are not satisfied with the existing themes and looks, download many more themes from online repository.

    HackShark Linux is different from other generic linux distributions. Unlike all, it doesn't contain any so called office package, audio/video codecs and/or graphics manipulation program. We had to remove those packages to maintain the volume of the ISO image. However, there is always options to install any linux based application, to be more precisely, any RPM based application. Like all major linux operating systems, you can compile your own source codes here. HackShark Linux is enriched with crime investigation and analysis specific applications. If you think any package is missing, you can always download and install it from the online repository. As well, if you think any application is unnecessary, just remove it. You can even update any packages including the kernel itself to the higher available version.
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