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Discussion in 'Kits' started by Mr. Penguin, 4 Jun 2012.

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    When you are on the water you need waterproof devices otherwise they will rust and not last very long. This setup is waterproof and has an integrated 12dbi antenna. Given it is a directional antenna. This will suit people targeting one side of coastline. You could easily pick up signals from 3kms away. It also comes with a 5m usb cable. This would also be good to permanently mount in a caravan or at home.​
    This is a serious kit for serious people and likely to be illegal in some countries. We recommend that you use BackTrack 5R2, latest compat-wireless drivers, increase TX power beyond your regulatory domain and install it onto a hard drive or virtual machine (VM) environment.​
    I will add other sources and suppliers when I have a chance.​
    Adapter: Alfa 2000mw UBDo-nt (RT3070) Waterproof Marine with Integrated 12dBi Antenna - Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    $40 USD​
    (currency converter left side, bottom bar)
    Price is an estimation only and does not take into account postage. You can find out more (e.g. price, specs, reviews) by clicking the 'Buy from Amazon' links to buy individually or view the entire kit by clicking 'Buy Kit'
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    i'd rather go for good fishing when im in sea :cowboy:

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