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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tweak, 6 Nov 2012.

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    how yall doin today? Just wanted to stop in & introduce myself. Name's tweak. Firstly, I would like to warn you about my inclination to purposely use bad grammar and alternate spellings of certain words. I will not change that, so if ur a grammar nazi, plz dont start. I fully have tha capability to spell & use grammar correctly, and in no way shape or form does it represent a lack of intelligence. I choose to spell this way as it allows me to establish my own characteristic way of talking thru text, and also serves a purpose of drawing out tha trolls/ignorant fools who plague tha internet these days, and thereby allows me to specifically ignore them.

    I am PARTIALLY here today cuz I received a bill from Time Warner Cable for over $60 today, with an already-applied discount saving me $7/month. I started my service over a year ago with them at $33/month. IDK wut happened, but im done with them.

    I have used, and learned on, BT3 in tha past. I know a few command lines regarding wireless penetration testing with tha airmon/airodump/aireplay/aircrack tools. But alas, I am a n00b & will not deny it. I am always willing to learn more, if I find it applicable to my life or leading to another skillset which will eventually become applicable in some way shape or form.

    I play PS3, soon I will get into PC gaming and leave tha console world, I deliver pizzas Hot and Tasty to peoples' doorsteps for often large tips because I drive my atypical car at 95mph to their house, I have recently taught myself (with tha help of youtube) how to fix certain parts of cars and refuse to pay mechanics for any job that takes less than a day, I moderate on a separate forum (related to my avatar; if you are interested, PM me), my 3rd eye has been opened (only others who also have their 3rd eye opened will understand), and I love great quotes... in fact if you ever need a quote thats kickass, ask me & I will deliver. My girlfriend of soon-to-be 2 years is a bangin hot chica & she even plays video games :p. I have lived 100 years in my 22 year old body, chances are I have seen more :censored than you will ever (but obviously exceptions exist). Oh yeah, and f*ck tha popo. lol

    Thanks for readin my intro :)
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