Windows Paragon Partition Manager PRO 10.0

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    Partition Manager Professional 10.0

    Windows 32bit & 64bit + BOOT CD

    Strong functional solution for all users with a rich
    Software package for managing and organizing your
    Hard disk partitions need. This easy to use
    Partitioning tool offers all the advantages of the partition
    Manager Personal Edition, plus various additional functions, eg
    the expanded data backup possibilities. Ideal for
    sophisticated users, the more often your hard drive once
    thoroughly put new want.

    Benefits at a glance:

    Basic and advanced partitioning features

    Enlarge NTFS partitions without starting Windows again or
    to interrupt; repartition disks without data loss;
    redistribute free space between partitions, two
    Partitions together lead etc.

    Vista / XP or Vista / Windows 7 on a PC to manage!

    With Paragon's Boot Manager, you can run multiple operating systems
    Manage your PC at startup, and just one
    . Select your The wizard for installing new operating systems
    helps you to run multiple operating systems on the same disk
    establish, for example, Windows Vista and the new Windows 7

    Adding support for Apple Boot Camp

    Free space between Mac OS X and Windows partitions
    any redistribution.
    Recovery media on a USB stick, create
    bootable rescue media on a USB stick for a
    fast and dependable system maintenance and recovery.
    User interface with two views of an expanded
    User interface with two views to choose from
    (Easy / Advanced) meets the needs of all users.

    Maximum protection against hardware attacks by

    A secure defragmentation even during a power outage,
    System failure or hardware outages, simple and fast
    Backup and recovery media provide for the safety of your
    Computer system.

    Optimization and defragmentation

    Bring your system for maximum speed!
    Defragmentation is the best way to permanently high
    System performance will be. To speed up the
    Boot and access to all programs. Your system will
    work like a freshly installed!

    Easy Backups

    Contains Unlike other partitioning software
    Partition Manager for additional functions on a complete
    System backup and recovery. This is your data
    even in critical partitioning operations always protected.
    Easy and fast system backups on CDs, DVDs, and even
    Blu-ray discs with the backup wizard. Prior to each
    critical partitioning operations you can use your system
    quickly and easily secure.
    Edition 32 Bit : --> MirrorCreator <--​
    Edition 64 Bit : --> MirrorCreator <--​
    Boot CD : --> MirrorCreator <--​
    Ed 32 + Ed 64 + Boot CD (1 link) : --> MirrorCreator <--​
    Password : xiaopan
    ;) Good Download ;)
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    20 May 2012
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    what is boot cd?
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