Windows Parallels Workstation Extreme 6 [VM]

Discussion in 'Software Downloads' started by Mr. Penguin, 25 May 2012.

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    Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme changes the way designers, animators, engineers, analysts and IT teams run complex applications and workloads every day. Combined with Parallels Workstation Extreme, a single high-performance workstation can play host to several operating systems running multiple graphic intense applications.

    It’s all turbo-charged by Parallels implementation of Intel’s VT-x2 hardware virtualization technology and stunning direct assignment capabilities across a wide variety of hardware devices.

    The Parallels technology opens a new world where workstations can protect the power needed for the interactive user while contributing excess capacity to "cordoned off" background processes, including participation in localized high-performance computing clusters.

    Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme makes the all-in-one professional graphics workstation a reality through the unmatched performance of direct assignment technology. Concurrently run multiple "extreme" virtual workstations with dedicated access to graphics and networking and set a new standard in productivity.

    Remarkable Experience
    Set a new standard for productivity, breaking the hardware barrier by running multiple operating systems and graphic intense applications side-by-side on a single workstation. Feel the freedom seamlessly moving between multiple applications without the burden of rebooting or shuffling between computers.

    Unmatched Performance
    Faster than ever, Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme is ready for the tough challenges of graphic intense applications and complex workloads. Leading the industry in direct assignment capabilities, Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme enables virtual machines to have dedicated graphics cards, network cards, and a variety of other PCIe devices.

    Easy Access
    More accessible means more value to system administrators and interactive users. Users can remotely access virtual machines, administrators can manage groups of workstations, and IT can create a high-performance cluster with “protected” resources to offload demand from the datacenter.

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    hi mr penguin, firts i get "Parallels.Workstation.Extreme.v6.0.13950.Incl.Keymaker-EMBRACE" rar file, how do i extract this files i try with winrar and thats what i get "e-pwe601" to "e-pwe638" 38 rar ´s files and i can´t go further, can you help me please.
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    :cool: Just Two Words: :D Thank You!
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    thanks for share
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    Thanks for this job good
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