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Discussion in 'What's Your Setup?' started by Mr. Penguin, 7 Jun 2012.

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    So it is time to brag about my setup. It is a little modest, I am always hungry for more range and stumble across more APs. Here is what I got in chronological order. I will also make a list of the software and other devices I use!

    After some research and because I lived in a quiet residential area I decided to get this little innocent looking outdoor device. It came with an rtl8187L chipset and integrated 12dbi antenna. It was mounted on the gutter and the 5m cable was just enough to reach into my window so I could plug into my laptop. I was also able through my Mac to create a WiFi hotspot from the networks I was able to get into so the family could have WiFi. Speeds were also good at 600kb/s and the neighbour was none the wiser ;). Big issue are drivers for Mac. Don't think they work anymore.​
    Here is what my RTL8187L chipset looks like ​
    I was wooed by the new 2000mW n compatible product from ALFA with the new RTL8188RU chipset. Probably got this a little early, as driver development was still far from complete. Not as plug and play in Linux compared to the RTL8187L and did not find as many networks, but the Mac drivers worked really well and there seemed to be a stronger signal. It also comes with a clip for suction on smooth surfaces and a 5dbi antenna.​
    I absolutely love this product, I got it as soon as the new firmware update allowed me to connect it to my AWUS036NHR. It is essentially a WLAN, Bridge and 3G Hotspot maker. I took out the RTL8187L from the UBdo-gt5, placed the RTL8188RU into the UBdo-gt5 and plugged the UBdo-gt5 with the RTL8188RU into the R36. Now I can create a new wireless network from a WiFi hotspot from a network I have connected to many meters away. ;) I still use my rtl8187L and it is in the AWUS036NHR housing ;), but I have a huge 9dbi omni directional antenna attached :eek:
    This device essentially creates personal WiFi hotspots (just like a pocket WiFi or MiFi would). All you have to do is plug in the USB device and you will have WiFi to share. While not the most mobile of devices. It has a whopping 27dbm power output which surely means it is one of the longest (if not thee longest) WiFi hotspot creators and WiFi extenders out there.

    Now it is made even better. Alfa has just released R36-v1.2.0.8
    firmware for the​

    Wireless Network Range Extender and Router for 3G USB dongles, WLAN and other network USB devices. This will allow you not just to connect to a AWUS036H device but also to AWUS036NHR /AWUS036NH devices. I asked Alfa a few months ago if the AWUS036NHR was compatible, they said 'NO'. And now it is. This is great news because now I don't need to plug in my AWUS036NHR into my laptop anymore! Cheapest place to look if you want one of these babies would be ebay, Amazon, Alfa Europe or rokland but do shop around.


    Other versions

    Alfa's FTP server ftp://downloader:Alfa0000@ is down and is up.

    R36 PDF Manual
    Firmware migration guide

    • Any interruption during firmware migration might damage your unit permanently.

    • Please load factory default after firmware migration is completed, cause we need to make sure that firmware is written into R36.
    • Alfa is revising the firmware, you can send an email to if you have DNS issues with AWUS036NH on the R36.

    • If you upgrade the firmware and above you cannot use AWUS036H with the R36. But you will be able to use the AWUS036NH and AWUS036NHR. Also Alfa devices with the same chipsets (RTL8188RU / RT3070) as the models above e.g. Alfa outdoor models should also work also Wifisky 3w, 2w, Wifi-unlocker models should also work.

    Features | Could you call it a modem?
    Processor: Ralink RT3050F @ 320Mhz
    Flash: MXIC MX29LV640EBTI-70G
    RAM: EtronTech EM63A165TS-6G

    One USB port
    One Serial Port @ 115200bps
    One WAN
    One LAN

    Wired: IEEE 802.3 (10Base-T) IEEE 802.3u (100Base-TX)
    Wireless: IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
    Physical 1 x 10/100Mbps WAN Port
    1 x 10/100Mbps LAN Port
    1 x detachable external 5dBi antenna
    1 x Reset button
    1 x WPS Security Key
    1 x USB Port
    Management Web-base management interface
    Remote management
    SNTP time synchronize
    Output Power 802.11b: 27dBm ± 2dBm
    802.11g: 25dBm ± 2dBm
    802.11n: 25dBm ± 2dBm
    20MHz MCS7: -71 MCS0: -90
    40MHz MCS7: -69 MCS0: -88
    11g 54Mbps: -75 6Mbps: -92
    11b 11Mbps: -90 1Mbps: -95
    Data Rate 802.11n ( 40MHz ): up to 150Mbps
    802.11n ( 20MHz ): up to 72Mbps
    802.11g: 54,48,36,24,18,12,9,6Mbps
    802.11b: 11,5.5,2,1Mbps
    Wireless Mode WISP
    Operating Frequency FCC: 2412~2462MHz (Ch1~Ch11)
    ETSI: 2412~2472MHz (Ch1~Ch13)
    Japan: 2412~2484MHz (Ch1~Ch14)
    Security Access Control Policy
    MAC filter
    DMZ Host
    SSID Broadcast disable
    Wireless MAC address Filtering
    WEP Encryption
    WPA-/W PA2-PSK (Pre-shared Key)
    WPA/W PA2 Enterprise mode (802.1x)
    WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)
    Router Shares high speed cable/xDSL Internet connection
    Static Routing
    VPN Pass through
    802.11e WMM
    IGMP Proxy
    Dual SSIDs
    Temperature Operating: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
    Storage: -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF)
    Humidity Operating :10% to 85% Non-Condensing
    Storage: 5% to 90% Non-Condensing
    Dimensions 93 x 70 x 26mm
    Weight 74g
    Power Input 12V/1A
    3G Functions 3G budget Control with Email warning
    ( Support Pre-pay and Post-pay )
    Dual Wan backup
    Remote Access Control by 3G WAN
    Alfa R36 Compatibility Device List
    ALFA Onyx3G
    ALFA Fly3G
    Huawei E220
    Huawei E169 / 169G / 169U
    Huawei E219
    Huawei D02
    Huawei D21
    Huawei D22
    Huawei D23
    Huawei D31
    Huawei ET128
    Huawei D12HW
    Huawei D12LC
    Huawei D21LC
    Huawei E1762
    Huawei E1552
    Huawei E1782
    Huawei E1552
    Huawei E1782
    Huawei E156G
    Huawei E177
    Huawei E353
    Asus T500
    SonyEricsson MD300
    Qisda H21(single)
    ZTE MF626
    ZTE MF627
    ZTE MF628
    ZTE AC2726
    ZTE MF636
    ZTE MF637
    ZTE AC2736
    ZTE MF631
    ZTE MF180
    DoCoMo A2502
    SoftBank C01LC
    Sierra 598U
    C-MOTECH U300
    Qisda H21(dual)
    EpiValley 8089
    i-mobile U3300
    BandLuxe C180
    Option Icon 225
    Dlink DWM-156
    NOKIA CS-15
    Royaltek Q110
    CSL U1-TF
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    So here i have the Ubdo-gt5 (with an rtl8188ru chipset) focusing on a AP that is WEP enabled. That is plugged into my R36 via USB cable which provides me with a WPA2 wireless network. I will post clearer pictures soon :)
    Penguin\'s Setup.jpg
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  3. creezalird

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    15 Jun 2012
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    cool one, how reliable that r36? i am still saving money for this.. :p
  4. Mr. Penguin

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    18 May 2012
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    Lan is just as fast maybe a little slower, on a mac through WiFi it doesn't seem to transfer maximum speed. I lose about 30kb/s. Took quite awhile to setup, with the new firmware and there are a ton of settings that you need to be familiar with. Once it is setup you can forget about it, but those blue LEDs are bright lol.
  5. creezalird

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    ouch, if throught wifi the speed loses about 30kb/s, an average internet speed here just around 40kb/s (normal household)...guess it will be almost inoperable..lols...btw do u happened to know other alternative beside r36 for making my wifi adapter as router?
  6. Mr. Penguin

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    Oh dear, that is :slug That speed will definably increase if you can get a stronger signal :joy.

    I think it might be a mac issue. My phone is connected and it blazes. I was getting 7.3mb/s at uni the other day. Network I am connected to about 160kb/s. Maybe it is a percentage or a proportion so to speak. I am losing about 18.5% speed. So you might get 32kb/s. My peak bandwidth today has been 132kb/s. I do not think there is another alternative to the r36. Think it is the only one of its kind that you can connect via USB to ALFA and other chipset type models.
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  7. creezalird

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    15 Jun 2012
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    thanks..lucky i am just a hackintosh owner..not a real one.. :p
  8. tracy altos

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    16 Sep 2012
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    R36 is cool.
    Another option I've tested is ubiquiti's picostation M2HP, is a bit more expensive (I got it around US$75) but more flexible in terms of the configuration. Pretty cool too.
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  9. JUlz@#!@#

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    20 Nov 2013
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    haha its coOl
  10. Hasselbaink

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    9 Jan 2014
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    A nice set up :) well done bro:fadancing:
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