Issue Reaver Repeats Same Pin, 10 Failed Connections in a Row

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by anxeL, 29 Jul 2012.

  1. jimpipe

    jimpipe Well-Known Member

    25 Oct 2012
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    If you are cracking your own router, you don't need a powerful antenna.

    If you are cracking other people routers, given a powerful antenna is added advantage but not guaranty success without planning!

    If you are cracking your own router after 10 times failure does resetting router solve the problem? If yes, adjust the timing parameter to resolve the problem. The timing and parameters is useful for cracking other routers with this particular wireless adapter, even same brand/model will have different optimal settings for the same work.

    I too experience this 10 times failed connections in a row before with my own router, with intention, this TP-Link router is purposely overloaded with wireless usage! Gaming/streaming/watching online movies and wifi sharing with handphone. After 2+ hrs, 1 notebook cease attack...then after 1hr later the other notebook too fail. The wireless activity also affected and becomes lagging till a hard reset was done.

    When you are in the field, you must always think, you are not at the center of victim but at the circumference! The victim may have surrounded by many hackers like you trying to crack it WPS! The WDS is flooded with authentication requests and the router is under massive arp posioning attack too, just imaging if tons of people call-in to a live chat shows at same time.
  2. sum91

    sum91 Active Member

    26 Jul 2012
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    sir im using rt8187l(sinmax)
    it keep trying same pin..12345670
    and one more thing..i has to manually start wlan0..using command..
    so why is that?
    is that problem with adaptor or xiopan version xiaopanOS 0.4.2
    ooh..and also im has trying both live cd and usb..none work
    help me sir/mr expert..:vomithate:
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