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    Recommended Applications will not be missing in your mobile device with Android:

    Kies Air

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    It's time to share without cables!
    Everything from the web browser on your phone!
    Kies air is a service that allows you to easily manage the content stored on your mobile thanks to the web browser using Wifi.
    Without connecting a cable or install anything on your PC, simply type the URL (address) in your browser.
    In a browser, you can use different file transfer services such as multimedia, music, manage contacts, text messages, search for files and more.

    Speed ​​Test

    Login or Signup to view links / downloads Mobile is a native version of the most popular broadband testing tool on the Internet. Use it to measure the network speed of your Android device.
    Ookla operates using a massive global infrastructure to minimize the impact of latency and congestion on the Internet. With millions of tests each month on hundreds of servers, is the best resource for testing bandwidth and related information.

    IP Tools

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    All the tools you need to make diagnostic testing cable and the wireless network.
    A single IP calculator, which lets you view the network address, broadcast address, as well as calculating the amount of host you may have.
    A mechanism that allows ping acer network addresses and domains.
    Nslookup a mechanism that lets you find the IP address of a domain or domain behind an IP.
    A section of WiFi that allows you to view all available WiFi networks within range.
    Here you can also view more detailed information about WiFi networks
    A color chart indicating which channel is located in a wireless network and signal strength.
    Traceroute allows you to see which way cojen packages to their destination
    Using the scanner port on this application you can check which ports are open on a host allowing you to improve security.
    APPLICATION If you like, there is also a version to donate <3

    Show my IP

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    The simple application that displays your IP address.
    - Displays the IP address of local network
    - Displays external IP address,
    - Shows type of connection (WiFi, mobile)
    - Displays information about the IP address (country, location, organization of IP).

    Network Info II

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    All the information you'll need network. WiFi/Bluetooth/Cell/IPv6.
    2.1 + version of "Network Info"
    Donate version available, buy me a coffee [​IMG]
    Shows info about the phone and the current network, Bluetooth, and Cell IPv6 connection.
    Also it shows your public / external IP & hostname.
    Only goes on-line to get the public IP and resolve my own server via Login or Signup to view links / downloads and to remotely resolve it (see notes below). Also the application WAS INITIALLY using But, as the server down Seems to be Constantly It was removed.
    No ads.
    Information Shown >> <<
    • Device IP and hostname, Both private and public.
    • Current mobile Any Cell and Neighbours, along With Their signal strength, location and type info.
    • IMSI / IMEI.
    • Information about the current mobile provider (MCC + MNC, current connection, etc.).
    • The Android device unique ID.
    • Full Information Regarding the WiFi connection (MAC, SSID and BSSID current, link speed, IP / Netmask, Gateway, DNS and DHCP servers, etc.).
    • Your current location based on Android According To your network Neighbours. GPS is not needed or used.
    • Information Regarding Bluetooth status, the current Bluetooth connection (s) and info about past pairings.
    • IPv6 router device and IP addresses for all device interfaces (see notes, This Should now work for everyone).
    Notes >> <<
    • This is an expansion of the 'Network Info' application, to support more phones based on the Android 2.1 API.
    • I only Have a GSM / UMTS phone. If anything funny happens on Any Other phone type, email me and I will try to fix it.
    • This application will connect to the network only to fetch your external IP / Hostname No other information is sent (my policy is located below).
    • Please email me about bugs or features Any you want. I can not see all market comments and I am not Notified When someone does comment.
    • The IPv6 part Should now work for everyone. If That is not the case for you, please email me ( @ so I can try to fix it. If possible, download 'Under the hood' from the market and send me the results via export.
    • If you want to show the Vendor Which owns a MAC address, download 'MAC (OUI) Database' from the market (it is one of my applications) and use it to download a copy of the OUI database.
    • In version v0.5.2 I added remote hostname resolution which is your public hostname as is resolved by my server. It Should Be the Same as your external hostname, UNLESS there is a propagation delay or record your DNS server is lying (like some home routers Which external Their resolve local address as a hostname). My server is hosted by 1and1 so unreliable This Will Be the Same if you use DNS servers.
    • 'Ext Hostname (L) 'is the hostname your device Resolves your external IP (local resolve). \ N
    • 'Ext Hostname (R) 'is the hostname my server Resolves your external IP (remote resolve).
    • 'Field Test' is a hidden application installed in HTC Which phones eat. The menu item will Appear only if the 'Field Test' is installed in your phone.
    Known Issues >> <<
    Samsung devices do not display Neighbouring Cells. This is a problem in Samsung's Android and there is nothing Implementation I can do.
    Privacy Statement >> <<
    I do not collect Any Which information can uniquely identify identity and Directly and / or bind a user to a device or Any Other personnel information. When you retrieve your external IP address, my server will log to standard website "hit" Which is the Same as if you browsed a page on my server using a browser. No other information is logged or kept.
    Please email me with Any bugs / problems / feature requests. I can not reply to market can make comments Which debugging difficult.

    Plus Traffic Monitor

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    Data and phone traffic speed monitor with integrated test and task manager.
    The Traffic Monitor reports RadioOpt consumption data traffic in mobile interfaces and wi-fi. Check your connection performance through integrated speed test.
    To use the monitor traffic, add the widget to the home screen.
    Traffic monitor
    - Sales of network data traffic and mobile Wireless, separated by upstream and downstream.
    - Traffic tethering when using the mobile access point Wireless
    - Traffic statistics by application
    - Traffic statistics for the day / month current and past
    - Configurable Start Day for monthly measurement period
    Test speed
    - Measures the speed and the delay of the wireless
    - History with speed tests pinpointed
    Task Manager
    - Check running applications incl. Memory usage
    - Close applications with memory consumption / excessive traffic
    The following information is accessible through the menu of options:
    - Battery status (level, voltage, temperature)
    - Information on the mobile network and the cell

    The application is FREE and NO ADS. Please give us a COMMENT and RATE.
    Thank you!
    Tags: traffic control, network monitor, task manager,
    data traffic volume data, traffic management, speed test,
    connection speed, battery information
    Tags: traffic monitor, network monitor, network counter, task manager, task killer, data traffic, data volume, traffic management, monthly alarm data, data manager, speedtest, speed test, data rate, data throughput, battery information, application data, application traffic, Quality of Service, QoS, Voice Counter, Voice Minutes, Call Counter, Phone Calls, SMS Counter


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    Control your PC remotely with TeamViewer while traveling.
    Mobile and flexible access computers remotely from devices with Android.
    Help friends and family easily when they have a computer problem, from anywhere. You can also take advantage of accessing your private computer for editing documents or use any particular software while you are away from home.
    - It is possible therefore timely assistance to friends and family as access to computers not being used (Windows, Mac, Linux): also during a call
    - Control remote computers is straightforward with multitouch gestures: left click, right click, drag and drop, wheel mouse, zoom, change monitor
    - Full keyboard, including special keys like Ctrl, Alt, Windows ®
    - Meets the highest level of security: encryption AES 256-bit session, key exchange, RSA 1024-bit
    - Easy access to computers behind firewalls and proxy servers
    - Restart your computer remotely
    - Automatic quality
    - Overview of friends and computers that are connected through integrated computer list
    - Available for Android 1.6 or higher

    Private use
    Free TeamViewer is intended only for private use, p. for example. to access their private computers or helping friends with their computer problems.

    Quick Guide
    1. Install and start TeamViewer from Google Play
    2. Install and launch the full version of TeamViewer on your computer (you can download it from Login or Signup to view links / downloads )
    3. Enter the TeamViewer ID and password from your computer directly into the interface TeamViewer Android device to connect.

    VMware View

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    MWare View for Android
    VMware View Client for Android Makes it easy to access your virtual Windows desktop from your Android device with the best possible user experience on the Local Area Network (LAN) or across a Wide Area Network (WAN).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: VMware View VMware View 4.6.1 or later is required 5 or VMware View Client for the for Android.Contact your IT department for further assistance.
    Work on your Windows based VMware View virtual desktop right from your Android device on the go giving you access from Any location. Support for the PCoIP display protocol Means your desktop is fast and responsive Regardless of Where You Are.
    Feel right at Home with native support for Android and easy gestures for quick navigation around your desktop. Need to do something more complex? Call up the trackpad for better targeting mouse or keyboard for efficient text the input.
    Tightly integrated With The VMware View for simple setup and connectivity. Quickly reconnect to you desktop by desktop Selecting from the recent list.
    Unmatched PERFORMANCE
    The Adaptive Capabilities of the PCoIP protocol are optimized to Deliver the best user experience over low bandwidth events and high latency connections.
    At your desk or away from the office you're always secure. Access your desktop over WiFi or View 4G/LTE and VMware View integration with tight your desktop is Delivered Securely to you wherever you are.
    1. Supports VMware View 4.6.1, 5.0 and later brokers
    2. PCoIP connectivity only for excellent interactive performance
    3. Optimized user experience for Android tablets
    4. Multiple broker support
    5. Up to four recent desktops
    6. Supports English, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
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    Meraki WiFi Stumbler

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    Meraki WiFi Stumbler: The perfect tool for Understanding your wireless networks.
    An easy-to-use tool for planning and troubleshooting wireless networks!
    Conduct site surveys or track down rogue APs.
    * Graph of APs per channel Helps you Avoid Interference
    * SSID AP view shows a graph of details and signal strength over time
    * Email reports let you send your results with one click
    v1.0.4: Bug fixes.


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    The ultimate wifi and signal finding tool. Supports GSM, CDMA, 4G, 3G, 2G.
    The best set of tools to improve your cellular signal and Wi-Fi.
    - Direction of signal
    - Graph of signal
    - Map and radar views of cell towers and Wi-Fi routers
    - Data from detailed signal strength
    - Saves data to an SD card
    - Widget
    - Saves wifi hotspots and maps of your location to run the speed test
    - Historical readings of the signal
    (Open signal maps, orange, vodafone, of course, movistar, staff, telcel, TME, 2G, 3G, 4G, opensignalmaps)
    Thanks to Paul Crespo ( Login or Signup to view links / downloads ), J Vladimir di Fiore Basnak and Prieto ( Login or Signup to view links / downloads ) for the translations!

    Wigle wireless wardriving

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    Wardriving: the Wireless Networks screen up to the database
    An application for wardriving netstumble, visualization and maps are wireless networks and cell towers anywhere in the world, easy climb to the database Login or Signup to view links / downloads . Wigle was launched in 2001 and now has over 43 million networks worldwide wifi.
    * Compete in the world rankings Wigle for most networks located!
    * Export CSV files on an SD (values ​​separated by commas)
    * Export KML files on an SD card (for import into Google Maps / Earth)
    * Audio and warning text to speech
    * Local database to keep track of new networks is
    * Real Time found networks (Open Street Map)
    * You can move the application to the SD card
    * "Mute" to turn off all sounds / speech immediately
    Bluetooth GPS support through drill sites
    * No notes
    version of the ad: Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    WiFi and cell towers that are assigned, you must wait for the device to determine the current location via GPS or network location.
    On the map: the circles are wireless, the squares are cell towers. Light colors are networks seen before, the bruises are new to the local database. If you have trouble logging in, or suggestions, please send an email to and are happy to help.
    Files are available to help with human translation non-English languages. This was mainly due to the mechanical translation, because it obviously does not know all these languages. You can help improve things by sending corrections to
    Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    Follow stumbling.
    Tappotuoppi: If email we can probably help you solve the access problems that were experiencing.
    Ryan: Text-to-speech configuration is handled through the Android operating system, not by applications. Dialects can change, add new speech engines or any other compatible device. From the page button on the main menu: Settings -> "Voice Input and Output" -> "Text to Speech settings."
    Zach: As indicated in the description, not KML export, which is in the Settings tab. The networks are shown on the map more or less the same as in other applications.
    Scott: Version 1.42 adds support model place that should allow GPS Bluetooth to work.
    Tony: On the list, simply press "Menu-> scan off" to make navigation easy.
    Kevin: We use osmdroid code, which uses OpenStreetMap tiles, this works on non-Google branded devices without Google maps. KML works well in Google Earth and Google Maps on import.

    Panacea database

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    Open Microsoft Access database: 2000-2010. Accdb and mdb.
    Panacea database allows you to open Microsoft Access database. Currently handle:
    * Microsoft Access 2000
    * Microsoft Access 2002
    * Microsoft Access 2003
    * Microsoft Access 2007
    * Microsoft Access 2010 (most databases, 2010)
    Database can handle the panacea ACCDB or MDB (Jet) format.
    The Panacea database workflow application:
    First, you can scan your SD card for all files and MDB ACCDB, or browse the SD card for those files. Then select the database you want.
    The application then the tables lists the database. Then select the table of interest.
    You can then go back and forth through the rows of that table.
    The application also allows you to search for rows with particular value in a particular column. Then, the program displays the rows that have that value for that column. The application allows partial text searches are case sensitive.
    Panacea database is free. We have a banner at the top of the pages, and make money on clicks.
    Database panacea is a new program. We call this version 0.3.1, which means that is version 1.0 yet. We've tried, and works well for us in their limited functionality, but does not have a lot of features yet. Later versions have more features like: ability to take access files in places other than the SD drive and allowing you to make the handling of file access (change, porting, etc)
    It works well for what it does, but the functionality is limited! If you like, but want more features, e-mail and suggest that to work first.
    Panacea database uses Jackcess LGPL library which is under the GNU Public License. It also uses the Apache commons-land, commons registration and log4j libraries, which are under the Apache 2.0 license.
    Handles Microsoft Access Database
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    thx... this app want root?
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    can I suggest a pdf button link for this fine info?
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    oh and thanks for sharing
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    What "pdf button link" mean?
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    very nice your job

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    Heather Irwin you can save this page as a PDF. ctrl + p. Or save as pdf in your browser.
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    thanks for sharing
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    any apps that can change our android Mac address??
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    what full name program IP tools.
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    one more thing to add on ES file manager, recently having update on a new feature, sending file through wifi network
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    Hi guys any app to crack wifi ?? Using note 3
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    Hello to everyone, i have not been here for a long while.
    i just wanted to recommend TERMUX android app.

    "Termux is a terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android, Chromebook, and Fire OS."
    the best thing about it is that you can install any linux chroot without root!

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    Let me see if this thread can continue.
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    InnerHour and Wysa. I found this app on Apknite a year ago. If you're dealing with mental illness, I think these apps will help you control it, and share it.
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