Rough guide to getting Reaver working on Intel 4965agn non-usb / Toshiba R500 laptop

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Don Charisma, 27 Sep 2012.

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    26 Sep 2012
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    Hi there,

    I wanted to post a guide but couldn't find a section for how-tos/guides. I am travelling a lot at the moment and carry a couple of laptops toshiba. The first laptop has 8187B card installed and worked with Xiaopan OS easily.

    The second laptop I'm more insterested in running Reaver/Inflator/Xiaopan because it's small and I use it less for working. It's a Toshiba R500, has installed 4965agn adapter.

    When I first looked at aircrack etc a while back, I thought about using USB wifi, this would suit me a lot better with all the compatibility issues, and also there's some privacy advantages with an external adapter (don't have to take laptop apart to throw the wifi card away). Anyway, there wasn't much support for USB at the time and aircrack seemed to have come to end of it's life as most people were now using WPA and it was supposedly uncrackable.

    Recently I stumbled across reaver/inflator/xiaopan. Wow, someone found that WPA isn't as tough as all that, I want to try it out. Also seems that people albiet slowly have taken up the idea of USB wifi.

    ALL WELL AND GOOD, but I'm travelling with my couple of laptops and really can't be bothered to go shopping in foreign land for new USB wifi adapter.

    I tried Xiaopan OS several versions on my Toshiba R500, to start with I couldn't even get a boot. Eventually managed to get it to boot, the "X" comes on screen, and the machine just locks. Also tried reaver pro, "failed to associate" message. The SD card reader on this laptop, well I've not been able to get it to boot, it's crap for that. So I've got a cheap USB-SD card adapter and been booting quite successfully from those.

    So I tried Xiaopan OS didn't work on this laptop nor did reaver pro. Eventually I read somewhere that Ubuntu 12.04 works perfectly with 4965AGN. So I built a portable/persistent Ubuntu installation on an 8GB flash card, (6gb for root, 2gb for swap). This guide was useful Login or Signup to view links / downloads. Be careful not to let the ubuntu install grub your main harddisc, or you'll have a lovely job of repairing it. My SD card was sdc, and I asked for boot code to go on sdc1

    Now I wanted to install "Inflator", as essentially I'm lazy and really can't be bothered to learn a bunch of switches and command line stuff if I don't have to. I came across this thread which had helped me install Inflator on Backtrack - Login or Signup to view links / downloads

    Inflator didn't work on the Ubuntu I installed. I suspect because ubuntu doesn't now use "gnome" desktop. When I try to run inflator no window appears.

    Also prior to installing inflator, prerequisite step, I had to install reaver/aircrack, this thread was perfect - Login or Signup to view links / downloads

    So what I ended up with is back to the command line with airomon/airodump/aircrack/reaver. This guide gave me a step by step how to use the commands - Login or Signup to view links / downloads

    Via terminal windows on Ubuntu 12.04 I can now run reaver (as yet I haven't cracked anything, but a small problem !)

    Commands are airmon-ng to setup monitor on wifi card "mon0". airodump-ng to find the MAC address of the network I want to crack. Then reaver to crack it. Simple ...

    Hope this is helpful for someone somewhere, sorry it's not polished I really don't have time.

    I really like Xiopan OS and Inflator, great work and getting to be how a linux live distribution should be, hopefully over time it will get more reliable and work on more hardware.

    The Don
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    14 Dec 2012
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    what about reaver pro?
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