Run dictionary attacks even with weak devices!

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    I think many of you know this already but for people who don't know
    Will post what tools I used without getting in detail of how to use them as their are many YT Tutorials about them.
    If you have a weak device preventing you from testing handshakes with wordlists like rockyou which is about 9.5 million keys if you're gonna exclude the other 5.5 million under 8 length keys that don't work with WPA, your basically only solution other than buying a new device is getting a VPS/RDP which got tons of methods and sellers on how to get your hand on one , you can get free trials from Microsoft azure or Google cloud ,etc , get a one with gpu from Paperspace which I used to have a free method for it but it doesn't work anymore unfortunately , or lastly if you can't get it by free trials or a method you can buy from online sellers for cheap but look for trusted ones , if you tried you'd get one I'm sure , then search for aircrack-ng gui and Total commander that's for cpu only VPS devices if you have a GPU one then better use hashcat , took me about 2 hours to test on cpu only
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    Thanks for the share :smuggrin:
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