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    Facebook is a free social networking web platform that promotes and facilitates interaction between friends, family, colleagues at work. The Facebook platform is the number one social media on earth that every single person on earth wants to be a member. Facebook promotes the different types of business a user can do. Wonder why everyone prefers to use Facebook than other social media. This is because Facebook is of many contents on the platform, which make people wanting to be online.

    Facts On Facebook Account Recovery

    Facebook can be of use from a large range of devices with internet connectivity, such as desktop, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. After registering, a user can create a customized profile indicating their name, occupation, school attends, age, mobile phone number, location and many other vital pieces of information. These details are vital when a user wants to carry out the Facebook account recovery process.

    Users can exchange message, post status update, share photos, video, and links by using various software apps and receive notification of other users post. Some users not aware of the Facebook account recovery option, complain about their Facebook account hacked or been block. Which results in the users not having access to their Facebook account anymore. Well, users do not need to fear anymore. This is due to the availability of the Facebook account recovery option.

    How to Recover Facebook account

    Facebook account can be hacked by other users on the platform, so exciting users must be vigilant when login into another person smartphone or desktop, In this case, his or her Facebook profile was hacked by a hacker and then the victim lost access to all his Facebook pages as well. Once a hacker changes the Facebook login password and email, you are left with very little choice. The choice involves the following steps.

    1. Visit the website at on your devices.
    2. Then click on forgotten password under the password box.
    3. Enter your mobile phone number or email address on the box.
    4. The User will receive a message which says how do you want to receive your code rest your password.
    5. Click on the continues box.
    6. The user will receive a code via email box or text message into your mobile phone.
    7. Click on the code then press continue.
    The user will obtain a new password that they can use to log into their hacked Facebook account. After the information is given to the user, their hacked Facebook account will back as new, there are plenty of ways a user can prevent someone from accessing their account again. Users are to follow these steps if they don’t really want this to happen once more.

    First up, make sure your password for your Facebook profile is different to any other online account you own. This helps protect your account from anyone guessing your password. You also ought to make your email accounts more secure so that if you ever lose access, you can regain control quickly. These are the main things users are to focus on to make sure their Facebook account is free from harm.

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