Superior USB Keylogger (Windows / Linux / Mac?)

Discussion in 'Misc Hacking Hardware' started by Mr. Penguin, 27 Oct 2012.

  1. Mr. Penguin

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    18 May 2012
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    Found a USB keylogger (that looks very innocent) that connects to ones keyboard via USB. You can get it at Newfrog for a little over $40.00. It says it works with any operating system but I doubt it would work for mac and not really good for laptops I am afraid. Interesting it can even intercept the BIOS password. No standalone software could do that I do not think.

    USB Keylogger.png

    • Plug and play, no software required
    • Compatible with ALL USB keyboards
    • Undetectable by software
    • Very easy installation like of ordinary keyboard
    • Yon don't need to install or learn any additional software, so it save your precious time
    • Don't need computer's hardware reserve memory/disc and so on, So cpu don't slow down and it don't influence your computer's stability either
    • Works in any operating system, since it words independently from software. It starts to work as soon as computer start, so it intercepts even BIOS password
    • Impossible to detect by scanners for detection of monitoring software.
    • Unauthorised user can't delete the recorded data
    • Data are entirely safe from intercepting, can't modified by hackers.
    • Intercept or any modification of recorded information is impossible, and additionally kept data are enciphered.

    Great for
    • Ensuring your kids are surfing the web safely
    • Auditing computer usage of employees
    • Recording unauthorized system use

    System Requirements
    • Any Windows or Linux based PC
    • Available USB port
    • Wired or wireless USB Keyboard

    Install keylogger
    • Keylogger will connect to computer's USB port form the back of the computer
    • The second site of device should be connect USB keyboard cable
    • Keylogger don't need any software or drivers to work

    Where to Buy
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    Save More
    • You can save 15% off newfrog at checkout using the newfrog15 coupon code :)
  2. Pascal

    Pascal Wifi Sniffer
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    6 Jun 2012
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    Thanks for information ;)
  3. walus32

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    10 Oct 2012
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    Website don`t work for me.

    Next time press "Like" don`t need replay message.
  4. vampiricbunny1800

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    8 Oct 2012
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    thats cool for the bios password
  5. Fantasma

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    31 May 2012
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    lol walus32 you can tag users as in facebook, i'm pretty sure that Pascal know how use the post rate icons and...
    you have replayed the post without pressing " Like "
  6. nilesthorn

    nilesthorn Member

    31 Oct 2013
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    all im interested in is that it can intercept bios password wow! hehehe there are a lot of keylogger around but this one surprise me with its bios capability thanks Mr. Penguin
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  7. longshanks

    longshanks Well-Known Member

    1 Jul 2016
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    known as the Evil Maid attack.
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