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    The battery-powered device is Australia's first 4G mobile hotspot on pre-pay and you can share the next gen super speed 4G LTE Internet connection with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.

    The pocket sized hotspot delivers speeds up to 5X faster than other WiFi hotspots or around 2Mbps – 40Mbps downloads and uploads from 1Mbps to 10Mbps, depending on coverage.

    However, it is available in Telstra 4G coverage areas only, meaning if you're outside CBD and 100 other metro areas, it will pick up just the fastest 3G speeds as Telstra won't be expanding their coverage areas further until later this year.

    Weighing just 105g it offers up to four hours of battery life, 100 hours standby and a LED display showing information including Wi-Fi name and password, signal strength, number of devices connected and battery level.​
    It supports Wi-Fi standard N connectivity for superior Wi-Fi throughput and range, includes a handy a web-based control portal for adjusting network security and Wi-Fi range settings from an Internet browser.​
    Andrew Volard, Director, Telstra Mobile, said the Telstra Pre-Paid Wi-Fi 4G gives Pre-Paid customers the chance to bring Australia's fastest mobile internet to their existing Wi-Fi enabled devices.​
    "Increasingly people want to be connected outside the home and office so they can be informed and entertained on the move" but with the flexibility of not being locked into a fixed term contract, he says.​
    This makes it a great solution for people who have different data needs each month, Volard said the pre-Paid 4G WiFi hotspot will set you back $169 with 5GB of data to use in Australia with a 30 days' expiry.​

    A range of recharge denominations are available.

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