The best wi-fi long range adapter for Win 8.1

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking Cards' started by aliv, 6 Oct 2015.

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    6 Oct 2015
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    Hello. I'm trying to figure out what is the best and most powerful long range adapter to use under Win 8.1 to get connected to wi-fi spots in hotels (when the spots are usually quite far from the buildings). I'm interested in both connecting to open spots as well as getting connected to a password protected ones.

    Googled about Alfa Network products and got recommendation for a AWUS036NH with a higher gain antennas, like the one here:

    Is this a true best option in terms of range and stability for going under Win 8.1?
    Are there any reasonable alternatives?

    Thank you.
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    30 Jun 2013
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    Those adapters are generic and rebranded into numerous other names. I bought one off Amazon and it was a really bad buy. It had a very bad sensitivity and range.

    It was actually on par with my internal broadcom laptop card.

    I also have the Alfa AWUS036H and Alfa AWUS036NH and those blow that card out of the water. The Alfa AWUS036H is recommended for long distance connections. The Alfa AWUS036NH is not as strong and is recommended for local connections that require more speed, since it supports N networks.

    I returned that adapter the next day.
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