The Ten Commandments of Wireless Communications

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    I found a great dummies guide from for those who are purchasing and setting up their own wireless network. Explains what you should and should not do to ensure you have the best possible outcome :)

    It is a little too biblical and annoying at times but still great information nonetheless. I will give you the first Commandment as a little extract:

    1. Thou shall know thy dBm and recall thy high school logarithms.
    Radio Frequency (RF) power is measured in milli Watts (mW) or, more usefully, in a logarithmic scale of decibels (dB), or decibels referenced to 1 mW of power (dBm). Since RF power attenuates as a logarithmic function, the dBm scale is most useful. Here are some examples of how these scales relate:

    1mW = 0dBm
    2mW = 3dBm
    4mW = 6dBm
    10mW = 10dBm
    100mW = 20dBm
    1W = 30dBm

    Here is a mW to dBm converter for other rates: Login or Signup to view links / downloads

    A 2-fold increase in power yields 3dB of signal.
    A 10-fold increase in power yields 10dB of signal.
    A 100-fold increase in power yields 20dB of signal.

    36dBm or 4W is the Maximum ERP allowed by FCC in U.S
    20dBm or 1W is the Maximum ERP in most European States allowed by E.T.S.I

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    My head is spinning when I look at all these numbers, I need to read at least 10 times if I really want to understand part of it.
    I give up Mr Penguin, I am not a IT network guy for sure, no way I can understand the Ten Commandments :eeks
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