Tweak Your Mac, Yourself or Hackintosh for Maximium Performance

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    Update 8/11/2015 For Hackintosh Users...upgrade to El Capitan 10.11.x please read this thread:

    After you have built your hackintosh you can bask in the glory of creating one or atleast buying one. But, it shouldn't end there.

    1 Fusion Drive (If you have an SSD and normal HDD) [Hackintosh + Mac User Tip]
    If you have already installed OS X you can skip this step, or format your drive and start again. Check out the boot and loading times normal v fusion drive

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    How to create Fusion Drive on hackintosh:

    2 Benchmarking Software [Hackintosh + Mac User Tip]
    Benchmarking software can give you a good indication just to how well you have compiled your Hackintosh or performance of your Mac.



    3 System Definitions [Hackintosh Tip]
    The single biggest performance increase that can be achieved is by using the right SMBIOS that closely matches your system. More specfically, the product family / model numbers.

    If your CPU has the capability to speedstep you need to use it. That means scraping all the iMac system definitions. Using Geekbench, I was running a maximum of 12,300 scores with iMac13,2 and generating 16,34 speedsteps.

    Moving to MacBookPro9,1 I am hitting well over 15,000 and generating 16,25,29,34,37,41 P States.

    This result is not universal, ensure that you test different system definitions yourself to see which ones work best for you.

    4 Clover & Clover Configurator [Hackintosh Tip]
    This enables you to create and test different config.plist to see which ones work for you. Also, a system definition can be built quite quickly. Do not use Chimera or Cameleon. Clover is a much faster bootloader and iMessage and AppStore is fully working.
    Clover Configurator SMBIOS.png

    5 Enable Trim (SSD Only) [Hackintosh + Mac User Tip]
    Decreases reading and writing times. But you will need your OS X to be installed on an SSD

    6 Mac OS X Tweaks [Hackintosh + Mac User Tips]

    6.1 Startup Items
    Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and delete any apps that do not need to be loaded at start up.

    6.2 Automatic Login
    Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options and select automatic login.

    6.3 Clean Up Your Hackintosh
    CleanMyMac is the only maintenance software you will need. Do not settle for anything less. It is worth the money. Ideal for deleting language files you will never use as well as system junk that accumulates. Having an SSD full will effect read and write times.

    There are some people that reckon that it is spyware, not necessary or dangerous to use, but it works perfectly fine...for me anyway. Do your research, make up your mind.

    6.4 Disable Useless Items
    Notification Centre. How to Disable:
    Watch this video on YouTube.

    6.5 Run the Following Commands in Terminal
    Select All
    sudo purge diskutil repairPermissions / sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache sudo mdutil -E /
    kexts can easily get messed up on your hackintosh particularly if you made edits to S/L/E. I have used kext utility and APCI manager and doesn't work every time. Can cause your system to hang on boot.

    As far as flushing your dns, sometimes you cannot access certain websites...this may help.

    6.6 Use 3rd Party DNS Server
    Point it to Google. How: to

    7 Apps That Increase Productivity, Syncing & Security [Hackintosh + Mac User Tip]

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    With Alfred and some keyboard shortcuts, you should be zipping around like a pro. Also note that one of the biggest advantages of having a Mac means you can search for anything. No need to hover over menu bars to find a tool or setting. Just click the help tab of the app you are in and search for it.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 12.28.25 pm.png

    Do you have any performance tweaks of your own?
    List them below
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