Question Using Feedingbottle | Will it Slow Down the AP's Internet Speed?

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by jose alberto, 23 Jun 2012.

  1. jose alberto

    jose alberto Active Member

    23 Jun 2012
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  2. ktgoh

    ktgoh Active Member

    19 Jun 2012
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    i have a Question, if by using feeding bottles to get the targeted WEP-AP, will this slow down the internet targeted AP?? if yes, which of the app is consuming the data - aireplay-ng -3 , airodump-ng, interactive 0841, chopchop -4, packet forge or forge attack??...??
  3. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator
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    18 May 2012
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    It will use traffic but not internet traffic so to speak, so it should not slow down the AP's internet. But it is all relative. If they have a 50kb/s internet connection then it would likely slow that down. You can test this. Keep in mind it might take 1 - 10 minutes to crack which means there might not be a noticeable change.

    The whole process of collecting packets generates traffic. A great app to see how much in megabytes is being collected is KisMAC (Mac only) do not know of a Windows alternative.
  4. meknb

    meknb Mod
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    2 Jun 2012
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    It depends on how you are trying to capture data ie wpa capture handshakes disassociate client so would slow down (for them),Passively just monitoring traffic wouldn't,but wep just generates traffic between you and the router so no.
    As Mr Penguin said KisMAC is good for monitoring for mac kismet for linux google for kismet tinycore if you want to try on Xiaopan for windows the only app's i found any good was comm view or air magnet and of course wireshark.
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