Multi vampiricbunny tech disk 0.0.3

Discussion in 'Software Downloads' started by vampiricbunny1800, 3 Aug 2013.

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    8 Oct 2012
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    this is the iso of the tech disk i had made before however i shrunk the crap out of it
    and took bt out to many people said the last file was to big to down load

    How this works
    1 Download all the files
    2 UnZIP them and put them cd or dvd boot from it
    • Aby$m OS 0.0.3
    • Xiaopan (i mislabeled this as and didn't feel like fixing it )
    • Xiaopan SliTaz
    • Hiren's Boot CD 15.X (revised ) (i shrunk the size by 400 megs by taking out crap that's no longer useful )
    • Windows XP
    • Pass Scape (windows password hacker or changer ) ( this hacks windows passwords no list needed takes about 30 seconds even a super hard password is like 1 min )
    • Boot n Nuke (kill a drive from dos total disk wipe)
    • and a few other things
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    ((( HUGE thanks for mr.p for tolerating me and aby$m who helped me unwittingly by helping me fix my sig for donations he gave me a idea and well here you go finished product 2 weeks early (^..^) )))
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    18 May 2012
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    Please use our downloads manager.
  3. Alek5

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    1 Sep 2013
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    thank you again for you work .;)
  4. Dan420Man

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    14 Oct 2012
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    I'd like to thank you and everyone that's involved in the development, maintenance, and time out of their lives for this site, forum, and software. I don't take for granted just how much it's helped me and/or has done for lots of ways. I, at the moment, may be a Script kiddie but aspire to be a blackhat. I guess we all gotta start somewhere...and I plan to be appreciative all those who help/ed me out along the way.
    ~ Getcha Pull~
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