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    Wardriving is the art of driving around scanning for WiFi networks. This powerful kit can be mounted on your car window on the passengers side and you can use a stumbler in addition to a GPS receiver to log coordinates. You could probably get a cheaper GPS logger as well as a different model. I prefer the Holux 1200E. Even Tom Tom has a Bluetooth GPS logger for around $30 USD. If you have a smartphone with GPS capabilities you could do without a standalone logger.​
    This is a serious kit for serious people and likely to be illegal in some countries. We recommend that you use BackTrack 5R2, latest compat-wireless drivers, increase TX power beyond your regulatory domain and install it onto a hard drive or virtual machine (VM) environment.​
    I will add other sources and suppliers when I have a chance.​
    Adapter: Alfa AWUS036NH (RT3070) 2000mW b/g/n - Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    Holder: Alfa Suction Cup - Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    GPS Logger: Holux M-241 Bluetooth Data Logger GPS - Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    $90 USD​
    (currency converter left side, bottom bar)
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    Price is an estimation only and does not take into account postage. You can find out more (e.g. price, specs, reviews) by clicking the 'Buy from Amazon' links to buy individually or view the entire kit by clicking 'Buy Kit'
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