Website / Ready Tool/ Editor (windows) for 7 digits?

Discussion in 'Dictionary, Password & Wordlists' started by ju61, 7 Feb 2013.

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    I am trying to create my own wordlist and wondering if by now someone was able to find a website like
    but able to generate 7 digits? it is perfect but 6 is not enough...


    If not I have the 8 digit list, is there a windows program that can handle that size and provide good editing options? I will need to cut out the needed list by removing first digit and taking the first 1/8 of the list, correct ? then I will need to add a prefix to it so it could be a 10 digit list with 3 fixed digits.

    Notepad++ does not open it
    notepad does not work
    wordpad opens it but freeze and not good at editing


    Any windows generator that can handle the above goal and already tested ? (prefix and 7 digits)

    --- Double Post Merged, 13 Feb 2013 ---
    Ok so I found a tool that works under Windows to generate wordlists, I ordered it to generate 1234-XXXXXX & 123-XXXXXXX wordlists where 123 & 1234 are fixed operator numbers and XXXXXX & XXXXXXX are possible numbers from 1-999999 and 1-9999999

    List 1234-XXXXXX was 10MB, List 123-XXXXXXX was 104MB

    I tried 2 things, first chose windows file type for saving and then Unix files type, and I guess Unix works also for Linux in this case ???

    So the sample line for Unix was:


    Well I copied it as it was in windows but expanded into separate lines here.

    This is how it looked under windows:


    I copied the files/s to a new USB (different from Live USB) formatted as FAT32.

    I booted Xiaopan 4.4

    I used mount tool to load the new USB that has the file 1234XXXXXX.txt in root alone (Unix file type)

    I loaded minidwep-gtk (Xiaopan 4.4)

    I tried to load the file through dictionary tab but got an error that goes like : can't find cap file and followed by another error.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong here, any commend about what I did ?
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    20 Mar 2013
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