What... is happening?

Discussion in 'The Off Topic Lounge' started by r1sen, 14 Sep 2018.

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    What is happening? All I would like to know..

    I know personally one of the reasons out of many that made the transition to Linux so necessary, and by that I mean I have not used anything but for... hmmm maybe since '02 - '03? Not sure anymore, anyway one of the main reasons was that platforms (insert name here) sacrifice control, stability and functionality in favor of ease of use and eye candy and more so by the day - how unfortunate. To me, the drive and the satisfaction has always been to tinker, tweak, learn and understand, change, alter, hack, make new, etc, etc.. I like compiling from source, getting slapped with compiler errors and missing dependencies that I have to track down a compatible version and compile those first and then recompile, if at first you don't succeed try try again right? I love this sh*t. I thought we all did, what brings us together and how communities like this start no? So why am I seeing such a hard line drive for the unified "ease of use" structure now? How is it that the very thing that drove most of us to Linux is now being ushered in or at the least entertained as potential standards? My grandfather told me once - Harder, you get more - Easy and you lose more. Anyway, long rant about nothing, just have been floating around in a lot of forums and it breaks my heart to read so much in favor of ruining everything that made and makes Linux = Linux and seemingly favoring everything contrary to it. Am I crazy?
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