Question Why Does Reaver Always Use the Same Pin?

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by Fuzai, 13 Feb 2013.

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  1. Fuzai

    Fuzai Member

    13 Feb 2013
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    Hello professesionals around the world,

    First of all, I'm new and I'm from Malaysia. I'm trying to crack UniFi password using reaver but it always using the same pin. Can anyone help me with this. I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong section.

    p/s: really need help with it and a good video to guide me.

  2. ActiveCop Reiko

    ActiveCop Reiko Active Member

    2 Feb 2013
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    Hello and Wellcome Fuzai.

    Can you elaborate a few more please?
    Wath is your Reaver version? Are you at 1.4?
    Wath is the Victims Ap Gignal rate?
    Does your Wifi support injection?

    1st - Know or target, acquire some info first for example:
    you want to crack a wps using reaver and it is always trying the same PIN, so check the victim's MAC address manufacture and model.

    You can find some online databases, if you are on a windows box you can use Wifimon or ERW to check that for you.

    After you do that, check if that model is vulnerable to that attack. Keep in mind, that Reaver is compatibles with 90.4% of wps enabled router's till this date, but still, there are some that Reaver wont break.

    For example, i live in Portugal, and one of the most ISP people used Here is ZON the new face of TVCabo - cable TV+NET+Phone+Mobile fibre broadband Provider, they (ZON) try to prevent people from hacking they'r costumers wifi signal, so after years of expansion and a lot of different routers used, they had one just as a trial candidate on the new Fibre 200MB service, it was a Hitron's Technologies

    They did find out, that we can still crack it's wep key eeeeeeeeeeasy, but not that easy it's 26 char's WPA2, and as a bonus, it is not vulnerable to the wps attack. So them they(ZON) made a contract with "I Think" ASUS to Exclusively use they's Hitron Technologies Router in all costumers house's and office's, and exchanged with no additional fee the older router's.

    I am surrounded in my house with 156 of those hitron technologies router's. And cracked a few a dozen of then running WEP, catched some WPA Handshakes to, but only on no WPS enabled ones.

    It happened to me the same issue that you are one, but only in these router's because they are not vulnerable to this attack.

    Also take a look at this:
    WPS Flaw Vulnerable Devices

    Select All
    If you manage to work that around, please let me know.
    :me Please rate my comment!
  3. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin Administrator
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    18 May 2012
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