wifi-autopwner ( adjusted for TinyPaw )

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    Script was requested among others on the TinyPaw forum: http://tinypawlinux.x10.bz/forum/showthread.php?tid=27

    For the most part this script has been left "original" however some Cyrillic characters were removed and replaced with English standard UTF-8. Along with that all systemctl/systemd calls for "network-manager" have been commented out with "#" as well for TinyPaw resolution scaling all xterm -geometry executions have been modified from the default "125x50+50+0" into "100x25+50+0".

    This script has not been wrapped into a squashfs extension due to it reading and writing it's own DB files in the scripts "./" directory. Unzip the script into your (home/tc/Downloads/) directory and execute from there.

    What is wifi-autopwner?

    WiFi-autopwner: script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security

    Quoted from the project github: https://github.com/Mi-Al/WiFi-autopwner






    1.) Download the archived file from either of the above repositories.

    2.) From within your (/home/tc/Downloads/) folder open your terminal/cli and execute the following string:

    unzip tp-WiFi-autopwner-master.zip

    3.) After the archived file is uncompressed enter the following strings in your terminal/cli:

    cd tp-WiFi-autopwner-master

    sudo bash wifi-autopwner.sh

    4.) Enjoy~

    Usage suggestion: *my personal thoughts*

    - Select option 12 - "Set the interface in monitor mode"

    *allow script to place your wlan# device into mon mode*

    - Select option 71 - "Automated Wi-Fi network audit"

    *allow script to search for "open" , "wep" , "wps" networks - using "cntl+c" to cycle thru each search phase*

    - After script has searched all networks within range it will commence various automated attack vectors
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