Wifite2 2.5.2 ( kimocoder fork )

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    New wifite2 2.5.2 build - forked by kimocoder

    What is wifite2?

    This repo is a complete re-write of wifite, a Python script for auditing wireless networks.
    Wifite runs existing wireless-auditing tools for you. Stop memorizing command arguments & switches!
    Wifite is designed to use all known methods for retrieving the password of a wireless access point (router). These methods include:
    1. WPS: The Offline Pixie-Dust attack
    2. WPS: The Online Brute-Force PIN attack
      WPS: The Offline NULL PIN attack
    3. WPA: The WPA Handshake Capture + offline crack.
    4. WPA: The PMKID Hash Capture + offline crack.
    5. WEP: Various known attacks against WEP, including fragmentation, chop-chop, aireplay, etc.
    Run wifite, select your targets, and Wifite will automatically start trying to capture or crack the password.

    Quoted from project github: https://github.com/kimocoder/wifite2

    Available from:






    1.) Download wifite2-2.5.2.tcz package from either above repository.

    2.) Copy downloaded package to your (*/tce/optional/) directory.

    3.) Open up your onboot.lst file located in your (*/tce/) directory and make following changes:

    - change line item from "wifite2-2.2.5.tcz" to "wifite2-2.5.2-fork.tcz"

    4.) Save the changes you've made by either (file+save) or (cntl+s) and close your editor.

    5.) Close all open windows and reboot your system.

    6.) Upon system reboot wifite2 version 2.5.2 will be functional.

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