How to change boot message and title name.

21 Feb 2013
How to change boot message and title name.
  • In-order to change the boot message and title name of the OS you have to modify "isolinux.cfg".
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    How To:
    > Extract the file: /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg from the ISO image that has been created as the Live Distribution. (Note: You need to extract the file in-order to modify it, as-it-is Read-Only, until it is extracted)
    > You can use any Text Editor to achieve the changes you desire to make to "isolinux.cfg"
    (I use Notepad++)
    > You will easily find the titles and the messages just replace them without deleting everything.
    > Delete the old "isolinux.cfg" from ISO image.
    > Add the New "isolinux.cfg" to the ISO image in the same location as the old one.
    > Save the ISO when closing.

    Common problem:
    > Make sure you remember where you extracted isolinux.cfg from and to.
    > We recommend working in a file apart to avoid getting lost.
    > We also recommend to make a copy of the ISO in case mistake.

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