How to Crack WPS Using Minidwep-gtk.

24 Feb 2013
How to Crack WPS Using Minidwep-gtk.
  • First-of-all boot XiaopanOS (Live or Through VM).

    What you should do now:
    > Insert your wireless card (if internal you must use live).
    > Connect your card with (Vmware/Parallel).
    > Wait untill your card is detected by XiaopanOS. (it should take about 1 second).
    > Open minidwep-gtk and change from wep to wpa/wpa2.
    > Click scan.
    > Click on a wifi network from the list. (YOUR OWN NETWORK)
    > Click the reaver button.
    > When a box appear, it will has reaver command, dont change it, just click ok.
    > Wait until reaver successfully find the wps key.

    Video Tutorial

    Extra tip:
    > If u don't have time to use Reaver or you want an hour a day, u can suspend the virtual machine.

    Tutorial by: Crackerz Wave
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