Potential Wiki Topics

20 Feb 2013
Potential Wiki Topics
  • Introduction
    What is Xiaopan


    Different Types of Hackers
    White Hat
    Grey Hat
    Black Hat

    Minimum Requirements
    Recommended Requirements

    Internal WiFi Cards vs External USB Cards

    Knowing if your Card is Compatible

    Recommended Hardware and Setup

    How to Create and Verify the MD5 Checksum

    Creating a Live USB
    Creating a Live CD / DVD

    Installing Xiaopan Through VMware
    Installing Xiaopan Through VirtualBox
    Installing Xiaopan Through Parallels

    Boot Options

    How to enable a Wireless USB device in Xiaopan

    Getting to Know the Desktop (Graphical User Interface)

    Right Click Menu

    Default Packages for Hacking
    Feeding Bottle

    Other Packages
    Mount Tool

    Installing Other Packages
    App Browser TCZ

    How to Change your mac address
    How to Build your own distro like Xiaopan (information on tiny core and about backtrack)
    What is monitor mode
    what is injection
    what is deauthentication
    what is an authenticaiton flood
    what is a handshake and pcap file
    how to convert a ASCII password to a hex key and vice versa
    The different types of encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS)
    Differences between grey, white and black hat hackers
    Minimum Requirements
    Benefits of using Xiaopan over others
    Getting further support
    How to use aircrack command line
    how to use reaver command line
    How can modify the ISO to add different TCL packages.
    How to create / verify a MD5
    How to create a Live USB
    Understanding compat-wireless
    Understanding CRDA and regulatory domains
    Other useful tools (Tenda keygens etc)
    Recommended books for wifi hacking
    How to create a Live CD
    How to use Xiaopan in Virtualisation
    How to enable a Wireless USB device in Xiaopan
    How to hack WPS with Inflator
    How to hack WPA with Dictionary
    How to crack WEP with Minidwep
    Cheat Codes
    Common Commands
    How to run an injection Test
    How to know if your card is compatible
    How can you support the project (Dev Team / Forum activity / add us on facebook)
    Other resources (reaver wps, aircrack-ng)
    Websites we like (lampiweb etc reasons why)
    Xiaopan Alternatives
    How to take a screenshot
    How to use file manager
    How to use Bib
    How to connect to a Network in Xiaopan
    How to transfer files to USB such as cap files and a reaver session
    How to install other packages in Xiaopan
    How to create a wordlist and use it in Xiaopan
    How to change language
    How to download
    Common Errors
    How to change wallpaper
    How to get internet access
    How to make persistent changes to Xiaopan
    Feeding Bottle Options and how to use
    How to change screen resolution