CodeName C.I.A Wheezy 7.1 Kali-Linux v3

CodeName CIA Wheezy7.1 kali-linux IMPROVE 2 Darkc0d3 TOP-HAT-SEC Team

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  1. ja99
    • Arsenal HackPack (Scripts Categorized by reaperz73)
    • Full Pentest Firefox, chrome, Tor browser, OWASP Mantra
    • Full Customizing menu Kali tools
    • Full Update and Upgrate system
    • Skype
    • pyCryptocat
    • Multiarch enabled
    • YAMAS in menu
    • Easy greds in menu
    • Recon-ng in menu
    • PwnSTAR in menu
    • Slowloris in menu
    • Darkstar fix
    • Aircrack-GUI-M4 in menu
    • Conky start with system
    • Conky start-Stop button
    • KaliLazy script installed
    • Inxi (Advance System Information) A.I.S menu
    • unicornscan
    • Climber (UNIX/Linux systems for privilege escalation) in menu
    • uniscan
    • Editing menu (creating by TH3CR@CK3R)
    • System Update menu (creating by TH3CR@CK3R)
    • netool Login or Signup to view links / downloads
    • WiFu in menu
    • Record your terminal with (Login or Signup to view links / downloads)
    • DRIL (Reverse Domain IP Lockup) in menu
    • BitMessage in menu
    • WiFiBoom in menu
    • Added the missing T-H-C-ipv6-tools
    • Autowifi
    • ufo-wardriving-4
    • vlc running as root
    • OSIRIS
    • Swiss Army Knife
    • BeEF installed
    • QSlowloris in menu
    • Proxy Finder
    • Recon-ng
    • atheros firmware installed wifi
    • b43 firmware installed wifi
    • realtek firmware installed wifi

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  1. zzr08
    Version: v3
    **** THE BEST DISTRO ****
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