GNU MAC Changer 1.6.0

Spoof your MAC address

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    Typing in terminal to change your MAC address or spoof as some people like to call it is slow. Plus you have to remember to the commands to get it to work. Good thing there is a Macchanger GUI available. It is a bit tricky to install though as it is not available in Synaptic Package Manager by default because the repository is down. This is the latest version of the tar.gz package from

    What does it do?
    • Gives your device a pretend MAC address of a network interface
    • Ability to set a random MAC
    • Change the MAC to another vendor
    • Set another MAC to the same vendor
    • Alter MAC to a similar type of device
    • It also can display a vendor MAC list to choose from

    How to Install
    1. Download the deb
    2. Open up Synaptic Package Manager in BackTrack or Ubuntu
    3. Install the following dependencies (A MUST):

    • libgtk2-gladexml-perl
    • libui-dialog-perl



    4. Now you can install the deb like a normal deb.
    5. Place it on your Desktop
    5. Open terminal
    6. Type cd Desktop (push enter)
    dpkg -i '/root/Desktop/macchanger-gtk_1.1-4_all.deb' (push enter)
    or drag the .deb into the terminal window (push enter)
    7. Type sudo macchanger-gtk in Terminal or create your own shell script, i.e. .sh file (or download it from here) and place the file on your desktop. Double click and run in Terminal.

    Common Errors
    If it does not change your MAC address because you get the following error

    Please give a correct network interface because it don't exist or is up. The interface must be down.

    Make sure your device is connected in your system and then type in Terminal:
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    sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0 sudo iwconfig wlan0
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    sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
    If all else fails do it manually:
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    sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0 sudo iwconfig wlan0 sudo ifconfig wlan0 down sudo macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 sudo ifconfig wlan0
    ....and if thay fails try to re-enable your card specifically:
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    sudo rmmod rtl8192cu (<- your card ID might but most likely be different) sudo rfkill block all sudo rfkill unblock all sudo modprobe rtl8192cu (<- your card ID might be different) sudo rfkill unblock all sudo ifconfig wlan0 up (<-after you change it with Macchanger)
    Some MAC addresses you cannot use, particularly if you enter your own within Macchanger, the one listed above (00:11:22...etc) works quite well.

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