Linset 0.14

Fake AP goodness

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    For educational purposes only.

    Author specifically states that use is prohibited against unauthorized use of wireless networks.

    Social engineering, based MITM to check the security (or ignorance) of the clients in our network

    To use it, give permissions: chmod + x Linset and run: . / Linset

    1. Scan the network.
    2. Select network.
    3. Searching handshake (can be used without handshake)
    4.Choose one of several web interfaces tailored
    5. Mounts one FakeAP imitating the original
    6. A DHCP server on FakeAP is created
    7. It creates a DNS server to redirect all requests to Host
    8. The web server with the selected interface is launched
    9. The mechanism is launched to check the validity of the passwords will be introduced
    10. It deauthenticates all users on the network, hoping to connect to FakeAP and enter the password.
    11. The attack was stopped after checking the correct password for testing purposes.

    Patch if you get negative one issues....
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