SirvenTix OS 1.0

Spanish Beini clone?

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  1. Mr. Penguin
    Not sure if it is worthy of our download manager as it is very very old and based on Beini. Minidwep is so old.... see the video.

    SirvenTix OS is a security auditing LiveCD WiFi . Boot into any PC and with its tools and an intuitive user interface allows wireless routers to discover passwords.


    To use SirvenTix OS , you must first burn the ISO image to a CD or a blank DVD. Once recorded, the disc inserted in the reader SirvenTix OS and restart the computer to boot the LiveCD.

    In SirvenTix OS includes many drivers for wireless cards and antennas WiFi and auditing tools as well known as Reaver, Inflator, FeedingBottle, minidwep or Aircrack-ng.

    Few WPA or WEP key to resist the attack of SirvenTix OS, and even the routers WPS may show vulnerabilities to this impressive set of utilities, which stands out for its ease of use thanks to the graphical environment XFE, light and simple.