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    TheGreenBow is 100% focused on providing Enterprise Security Software based on a complete security suite managed centrally to solve today's challenges of simultaneously securing computer data and communications. TheGreenBow has developed Enterprise Security software that makes remote access simple, allows remote users to access their corporate network securely, and allows IT managers to accelerate the deployment of security policies and simplifies administration. Solutions they also can integrate into broader security infrastructure. But most of all, our distributed security softwares provide coherent and homogeneous security capabilities across borderless organizations... Securing communications includes VPN Client, VPN Mobile. TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client provides strong remote authentication and strong network encryption. Securing Data includes file and email encryption.

    VPN facing new challenges
    Your network is constantly evolving as you integrate more business applications and consolidate servers. In that environment, it’s therefore becoming extremely complex to maintain total security at the network's edge while users (employees or subcontractors either at home, the office or on the go) are working with customers and partners. They need to have access to the company's applications and servers quickly, easily and securely.

    Presenting TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client
    TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client is an on demand IPSec VPN Client, compliant with most popular VPN gateways and with network tools to deploy security in large and medium enterprises. Highly efficient and easy to configure, the IPSec VPN Client also allows peer-to-peer VPN.

    All Gateways VPN Configuration Guides

    VPN Supported Token

    TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client features

    * Easy Connection Panel
    * Software Access Control (password)
    * Tunneling Protocol
    * NAT-Traversal
    * IP Encapsulating Security
    * Strong encryption
    * Strong User Authentication
    * Hybrid mode
    * Mode-Config
    * IP Range
    * Connection Mode
    * Gateway Multi vendorIPSec VPN Client — New Features
    * Flexible software deployment
    * USB token and SmartCardIPSec VPN Client — New Features
    * Token Certificates Management
    * Silent Install and Hidden Interface
    * VPN Configuration protection
    * Secured import and export functions
    * VPN Configuration Wizard
    * Operates as a Service
    * All Windows version (incl. Vista)IPSec VPN Client — New Features
    * Localized in many languages
    Detailed Features
    Tunneling Protocol
    Tunneling Protocol with full IKE support. Our IKE implementation is based on the OpenBSD 3.1 implementation (ISAKMPD), thus providing best compatibility with existing IPSec routers and gateways. Full IPSec support:

    * Main mode and Aggressive mode
    * MD5 and SHA hash algorithms

    NAT-Traversal support of Draft 1 (enhanced), Draft 2 and 3 (full implementation), IP address emulation, including:

    * NAT_OA support (floating port for IKE exchange)
    * NAT keepalive
    * NAT-T in aggressive mode
    * Forced NAT-T

    NAT-Traversal may be forced from the IPSec VPN Client. This functionnality is especially useful to solve issues with intermediate NAT boxes.

    IP Encapsulating Security
    IP Encapsulating Security: mode tunnel & transport. Multi-tunneling to several VPN Gateways. Allows 'IPSec only' trafic filtering, can block all other connections than the VPN connections. Accepts incoming IPSec Tunnels.

    Strong encryption
    Strong IPSec encryption provided by:

    * DES, 3DES 192 bits
    * AES 256, AES 512 bits
    * RSA 2048

    Strong User Authentication
    Strong User Authentication provided by:

    * PreShared keying
    * X-Auth
    * USB Token and SmartCard
    * X509 Certificates. Flexible Certificate format (PEM, PKCS12, ...) on various media (USB, smartcard, tokens)
    * Hybrid mode is a specific authentication method used within IKE. Phase 1. This method assume an asymmetry between the authenticating entities.
    * Keying group: Support of Diffie-Hellman Group1, 2, 5 and 14 (i.e. 1536 and 2048)

    "Mode-Config" is an Internet Key Exchange (IKE) extension that enables the IPSec VPN gateway to provide LAN configuration to the remote user's machine (i.e. IPSec VPN Client). Once the tunnel is opened with "Mode Config", the end-user is able to address all servers on the remote network by using their network name (e.g. //myserver/marketing/budget) instead of their IP Address.

    IP Range
    IP Range is a new feature that enables TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client to establish a tunnel only within a range of predefined IP addresses.

    Connection Mode
    All connections types such as Dial up, DSL, Cable, GSM/GPRS and WiFi are supported. Several connection modes:

    * IPSec VPN Client to Gateway Mode
    allows remote users and business partners or subcontractors to securely connect to the corporate network, with strong authentication solution.
    * Peer to Peer Mode
    can be used to securely connect branch office servers to the corporate information system.
    * Redundant gateway
    can offer to remote users a highly reliable secure connection to the corporate network. Redundant gateway feature allows TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client to open an IPSec tunnel with an redundant gateway in case the primary gateway is down or not responding.

    Multi vendor
    Multi vendor strategy allows us to support as many IPSec VPN Gateways and Routers on the market as possible to offer a true multi-vendor solution to enterprises. TheGreenBow has certified several IPSec VPN gateways like Bewan, Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, Netscreen, SonicWall, Symantec, Zyxel and Linux appliances that support StrongS/WAN or FreeS/WAN. Please also check our Certified VPN Gateway/Routeur complete list. If you are experiencing testing errors or stagging errors, compatibility issues or configuration problems in a multi gateways/routers environment then you want to try TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client.

    Flexible software deployment

    Flexible software deployment means software, configuration, policy and updates can be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed while maintaining low TCO for your organisation. TheGreenBow software provides the best combination of strong IPSec security and "lightweight" IPSec Clients that can be web-deployed to simplify IPSec based network-layer access. TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client has a tiny software footprint without compromising any security features.

    USB token and SmartCard
    USB token and SmartCard add another layer of security on top of IPSec:

    * VPN configurations and security elements (certificates, preshared key,…) can be saved into an USB Stick in order to remove authentication information from the computer.
    * TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client can read Certificates from SmartCards to make full use of existing corporate ID card or employee cards that may carry Digital credentials.