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    YUMI Pendrive is a free light-weight stand-alone software for Windows, that makes a multiboot usb thumbdrive which intergrates as many distros (OS) and tools as you wish. A great thing about YUMi is it can fetch and download distros for you, but for Xiaopan you need to download it yourself first.

    How to Create a MultiBoot USB Flash Drive
    1. Dowload Xiaopan OS (as *.iso)
    2. Download and run YUMI-X.X.X.X.exe
    3. Following the onscreen instructions choose Tiny Core as a distro, and browse for Xiaopan.iso *
    4. Run the tool again to Add More ISOs/Distributions to your Drive, or else press finish.
    5. Restart your PC setting it to boot from the USB device (F12, F8, F2 etc.)
    6. Select a distribution to Boot from in the Menu (in this case Tiny Core) and enjoy!

    * Browse to your directory where your iso is. Because it's looking for TinyCore, Xiopan iso won't show up. Simply bypass this by typing in the full name of your file (e.g. Xiaopan
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