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    Here is the modified release for TinyPaw / Xiaopan / TCL 8.2.x

    *Maybe this was done? Not sure, if I am repeating old news let me know? lol*

    SourceForge: linset-0.14.tcz
    BitBucket: linset-0.14.tcz

    Some things to keep in mind:

    Know Your Files System!

    These scripts were not designed for read-only or "live" systems, many of them need their "/tmp/" working directories re-specified within the (.sh, .rb, .py) main filename. Additionally many of these are looking for directory or bin listings that are not applicable in a system based off TCL. For example this script - line 589 and 598, the first is searching your "/usr/bin/" for nmap and the second is searching for "/usr/bin/" for your php-cgi bin, adjustments were made to point to "/usr/local/bin/...." as well this script was modified by "patrick" not just for english language but also to account for Monitor mode standards change from monX to wlanXmon and this script utilizes a airmon script bundled in the "linset" directory. However wrapping as a .tcz extension this script is unable to account for "./" directory locater, therefor "/usr/local/share/linset/airmon" needed to be added in place of the previous "./airmon" in lines 830 - 880. I am no pro, I encourage because I believe in a lightweight, no footprint, and minimal size distro. Happy hacking and happy coding~

    Necessary files:

    • Aircrack-ng
    • Airmon-ng
    • Airodump-ng
    • Awk
    • Coreutils
    • Curl
    • Dhcpd
    • Hostapd
    • Iwconfig
    • Lighttpd
    • MacChanger
    • Mdk3
    • NMap
    • Php5-cgi
    • Pyrit
    • Python
    • Unzip
    • Xterm
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